November 19th, 2003

i do it for the joy it brings

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Huh, am in really good mood -- bouncy, bratty but in that endearing way -- for no apparent reason.

I have lots of work and little motivation to do it. It will all get done, though, because it always does.

Yesterday SCMA bought us free Teapot. Sesame tofu does not live up to its hype (at least, i don't think it's that great) and i preferred the miso soup i got at Ichiban (though that might be partly a freshness factor). Spanish class met at La Fiorentina, where i had never been. They make good hot chocolate, and chocolate coated cannolis are teh yum.

I was the only person to show up to the Vegetarian Nutrition workshop, so Connie and i chatted about that and other topics. She said i should be a judge because i think about everything so much, rationally considering all points of view.

Sometimes i think i want to be a real editorial columnist when i am out of college, but sometimes i think i analyze things far too sprawlingly for that and should freelance in academic journals or something.

I think maybe i will get lengthy updates finished over Thanksgiving break, but i'm not getting my hopes up. I want the J-term non-credit course listings to be up, but i think that happens after the break.

To the parental units: I think i will be coming home Tuesday evening, bringing some laundry with me. I will let you know when i have exact times (though it hardly matters from your perspective). Is there any further word about M&S driving me back to Smith? This doesn't have to be definite any sooner than like the day before i go back, but i thought i'd poke.

I saw Kate this morning. We never see each other. She actually saw me and called to me, causing me to turn around. She wants to have tea and chat before the semester is over. It makes me really happy when people make an effort to spend time with me because i like affirmation that people do actually want to spend time in my company and aren't just humoring me.

I think J-term looks like a really good time to hang out with my UMassOxford people and valley_slashers. Those that will be in the Valley during that time anyway. Josh, have you kept in touch with Adam at all? I miss him.

I like this whole LJPhonePost thing, but i don't know what i want to do for subsequent phone posts. It's tempting to make other people talk so (A) people can hear what other people in my life sound like (B) i can have a permanent record of the voices of people i don't get to talk to enough.

Am i the only person who doesn't like skipping classses? Maybe it's because i'm dumb and feel like i always need to attend class to really understand the stuff.

If i had this semester to do over again, knowing then what i know now, i think i would not take The Harlem Renaissance. But so it goes.