November 20th, 2003

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November 20, 2003

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Iraqi reconstruction deemed a success [my title was "Iraqi Reconstruction is on the Road to Success"]
Elizabeth Sweeny

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Having posted my most recent Sophian piece and working on my next one (the Mass. Court decision, of course) i realize that editorial writing is definitely not what i want to do with my life. I don't want to tell people my opinions. Sometimes i do. But mostly i want to synthesize the information, struggle with it, maybe come up with a solid opinion myself, and educate other people about it. I want to make other people understand the complexities of... everything. I was so happy last night when Maura and Kai were talking about how people don't take other people's perspectives into consideration (ye olde "I'm right, you're wrong, end of story") as well as how people don't think about the myriad possible repurcussions of the actions they take.

I want to educate people. I need to find a job that allows me to do that, and to do it on my own terms (at least mostly).

I need to get on the ball and apply for summer internships.

Postscript, in which Elizabeth is cryptic:

Yay for people who chat with me when i have little to do.
Yay for increasing the amount of "good people" in my world.
Yay for people who trust me enough to talk with me about things that make them uncomfortable.
Yay for more of my people getting on LiveJournal.
Yay for people who think.

Less cryptic note:
Now that my life feels more under control (watch Elizabeth be delusional) i got around to friending a bunch of people. [Am taking reuqests for color scheme of how you want to show up on my list.] To quote my UserInfo:
I have weird issues around adding people to my friendslist, but i often read journals that aren't on my list. (I also don't friendslock any of my entries.) Anyone who wants to is welcome to read, comment in, and/or "friend" my journal.
The whole LJ "friends" concept is weird. For one thing, it's misnamed. "Friend" is a very loaded word. I think "friend" and "friend of" should be renamed "reading" and "readers". If you can change the names of your comments section so it says "be effulgent" instead of "post comment", why can't you change that?
you think you know...

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Okay, the comment spam that was hitting the blogosphere a while back? Has hit LJ.


IP is (Kansas City, Missouri). Is this there somewhere this can get reported to?

(Edit: It just hit this post, too. You're kidding me. *groans*)

[Edit the second: Well, there's this. I think it's just not worth my effort to try to do anything about it.]