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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

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Gotta love when i forget about things.
Op-ed submissions for the last Sophian of the semester due this Wednesday.

Anyone have a suggested topic?
An anonymous Jolter wrote a pre-finals oath:
"I, [state your name], hereby swear to refrain from gratuitous bitching and kvetching about my workload, papers, assignments, tests, and projects in the next 3 weeks, in order to maintain the facade that I am happy, well-adjusted, and academically grounded.

In the same vein, I hereby promise to repeatedly bitch slap any Smithie who bitches or whines endlessly about their mounting workload."

[finish this with a shot of Bailey's, and then go get to work]
I know so many people who have it worse than me, and bitching about work isn’t really an enjoyable use of my time/energy, so i’ll probably be doing my usual game face chin up “I’m drowning in work, i’ll make it through, what else is new?” thing.

Also, what is it teachers say? “Very smart but doesn’t apply herself.” Yeah, that’s me at college. Had fun over at slashphilosophy last night, though. :)

Not bitching about my workload doesn’t mean i can’t kvetch about other stuff, though ;)

I saw A Christmas Story for the first time in junior high and hated it.

The cultish obsession with Showgirls disturbs me.

Yes, this is me doing a variation on the unpopular opinions meme. I remind people that any opinion is unpopular in some circle somewhere :)

Rolling Stone did a top 500 albums list. [Text-list here] When Allie first talked about it i said a generous guess would be that i had listened to less than 10 of the albums (i was guessing more like 5).

17. Nevermind, Nirvana
26. The Joshua Tree, U2
30. Blue, Joni Mitchell
62. Achtung Baby, U2
111. Court and Spark, Joni Mitchell
139. All That You Can't Leave Behind, U2
221. War, U2
327. Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette
360. Siamese Dream, The Smashing Pumpkins
377. CrazySexyCool, TLC

That’s 10 exactly. I very rarely buy CDs, thus there are few albums i’ve actually listened to in their entirety. I have less than a passing familiarity with most of the “greats” however, and in the ultimate sacrilege have little desire to be (though i’ll listen to anything anyone recommends and if something is important to you and i care about you i will want to familiarize myself with it even if i ultimately reject it for myself).

I’m not gonna say anything about whether i think any of these actually deserve to be in a top 500 or suggest any other albums i think should be on there. I do think a top 500 is too large to be meaningful and also i would be much more interested in a listing of best artists rather than choosing specific albums (if you’re gonna be specific, say songs).

[edit: dherblay has thoughts here.]

Moving right along...

Having store bought chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies feels blasphemous or something, but having Smith’s “magic bars” is just wrong. They look much like my mother’s seven layer bars, but my mother’s are so moist and delicious and these are dry and quite frankly disappointing. I am obviously spoiled.

People kept talking about it having snowed yesterday, but i was never out in it and it didn’t stick. In the bathroom late last night, however, i glanced out the window and saw a coating of white on the ground and the parked cars. I was happy.

My window is definitively drafty. However, i laundered my sheets last night and put on my flannel sheets. I don’t think i’ll need a blanket given how much they heat this house, but i put it on anyway because otherwise my bed is a solid light purple which i find disconcerting, and last night i did enjoy snuggling up in sheets and blanket..

Our friend the spider has not made a reappearance which pleases me.

Also, hickey! *giggles*

My UMass class shows up on Banner (Status: **Registered** on Nov 14, 2003), hott!

Must remember to fill out course critique (by next Thursday, December 11) and vote for commencement speaker (by December 31). The options are behind the cut. Feel free to make comments. 26Collapse )
Dude! I just got up to turn on my light as it was growing greyer in my room and i glanced out my window and snow is swirling. It's also definitely sticking on the ground. As i've said before, snow in winter feels like home to me. I am happy.

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