December 3rd, 2003


7 hours of sleep last night and 5 the night before.

Holy fuck; it's so late and i have so much work to do. Just got back from the get-together at my Spanish teacher's condo. We were supposed to leave at 6:30 but left at 6:50 instead and took a left when we should have hung right, so we didn't get there until about 7:30 even though she lives only 4 miles away. Was good, though. Food was yum and her condo is beautiful and we watched a movie and i love hanging out with good people. I am beyond unmotivated to write papers, though, because i am the suck. [And i have been so work-avoidant these past few days that i have no right to complain about my workload at anytime for the rest of this semester.] Jesu Cristo. Dear self: suck it up and get your act together; you know you can do this (you just don't want to).