December 5th, 2003

anime night

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There isn't much snow, but because it's so cold it hasn't melted.

I enjoy walking out in the white and the chill and just smelling the cold, none of the malt-melt stuff.
anime night

(This is the first REAL snow of the season, and what a snow it is.)

It finally started snowing here about a half an hour ago, though a snow emergency was declared this afternoon, and i kept hearing about the predictions of blizzard.

By the way, how cool is it that we were all able to track this storm by seeing our friends post about it as it hit them? It's like smoke signals, only digital. I think it's neat =)

For those of you just tuning in:

Prior to every snowstorm here, Smith College Physical Plant (Phys Plant) coats the blacktop with brown liquid. I hear this is a malt byproduct. The purpose is to keep the precipitation from freezing when it hits the pavement, thus turning it into brown slush which often doesn’t get shoveled. Many people, myself included, think this liquid smells like molasses, and often we talk about the “molasses men” having come.

Just a clarification, since people always ask what the heck i’m talking about when i mention the molasses.