December 7th, 2003

anime night

a [Northampton] report on the snow

It started snowing around 10:30 Friday night. 24 hours later it was still snowing, but due to the fact that the snowfall had been light (though continuous), the accumulation was only 4-6 inches. At 8 this morning (less than 12 hours after that) the sky was bright blue and the accumulation was more like 8-12 inches. I'm not the best at gauging height, so these measurements could be off, but it definitely wasn't a hardcore storm. I hear Boston and other places had feet of snow, but Northamptonites? Nothing to get worked up about. I personally prefer the 4-6 inch vicinity of snowfall -- enough to solidly whiten the ground, but not so much that it's difficult to resume normal transportation. Make whatever decisions you feel are best about your transportation, and i get that shovelling is hard, but this is New England people, snow happens, a few inches of accumulation should not equal freakout.

P.S. My dad just e-mailed and said the snow there has nearly stopped and the noon news said the accumulation was 23 inches. I kinda wish i were home because i haven't seen snow like that in years.