December 8th, 2003


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Obviously my professor (the current chair of Smith's department of Spanish&Portuguese) already owns any Lorca book worth reading so Neilson doesn't need to. That was what i decided after learning that almost all the Lorca books i wanted to check out were located at Mt. Holyoke.

I have an 8-10 page paper for my Spanish class due next Wednesday and only a vague idea what it's going to be on. Detailed outline due this Tuesday and first draft due Thursday.

I had a Tangent meeting this evening, so i took the next bus to MHC and after asking for help on only 2 separate occasions found the library (and also procured a map). I enjoyed walking around in the snow and now know my way around MHC much better. [I had only been there twice before, both times for performing arts events at Mary Woolley Hall which is very close to a bus stop.] Including knowing where the campus center is. And dude, i wish our CC people had talked to MHC's. I'm not sure MHC has any buildings that aren't brick. The campus center looks like all the other buildings and has windows and doorways and plenty of open space but nothing of the bizarre fishbowl essence of Smith's. The color team was thinking earth tones. I didn't spend much time there, but it is somewhere i would willingly spend plenty of time (unlike, say, Smith's).

I think my topic is going to be disguise and love, specifically in El público, whether disguise is necessary for love when society frowns upon that love, or whether disguise makes love an impossibility.

Yeah, i'm still working out an exact thesis. There's so much one can say, whole books could be written -- duh, whole books have been written. Skimming these articles and figuring out this thesis reminded me why i do this. Literature is about life, so analyzing literature is about analyzing life. For quite some time now i have been struggling with the fact that i'm an English major and love literature, and with my passionate desire to learn and educate about issues of law and public policy and economics and all that. So it was this kind of flash that really these two things i do aren't so dichotomous as i had thought (is anything really ever so dichotomous as it appears?).

Anyway, i'm fascinated by this Lorca stuff, which obviously sprawls far beyond the scope of any paper i could choose to write (especially since a lot of it is about plays we didn't even read). I think i'll do my econ homework and then read about Lorca and take notes (thus creating an outline) and if i don't sleep until Tuesday night then perhaps i'll be okay.

So, um, why am i updating LJ? Yeah.

Hugs to my world.

if you need to crash then crash and burn you're not alone
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you'll breathe again

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Dear BioDome Crew:

Had forgotten what eating dinner in my half is like. With the big and the noisy and the crowded, and the ever fun decision of whom to sit with.

Sat down with a bunch of the firsties. Bloody tippy table. Maddie loves it, though.

Maddie: "It has personality."
Me: "What, your friends don't have enough personality; you need your table to have personality?"

Learned the classics department has cool t-shirts: "The Classics Department: More fun than an Atreides family picnic."

Got 4 hours of sleep last night and accomplished lots of reading.

Life is generally really good though i'm not even up for a bullet list, giant outline looming and all.

Am keeping up with the f'list, though rather cursorily.

Some of the images here weird me out, but still, thanks for the pointer, sarah_p:

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