December 13th, 2003

anime night

"There's a hole in the middle in the middle of the prettiest life..."

12:15 i went down to brunch (which goes from 11-1) and they had just run out of hash browns. I was displeased, as this is the only thing ever worth going to brunch for. (Dinner was French fries, though, which was good.)

laynamarya was randomly on campus, and that was good.

In the most recent Sophian, Megan McRobert wrote a far better piece on trans issues than my piece would have been given the quality of my brain at the time.

sexonastick and lilithchilde are so my late night enablers. I was gonna go to bed at like 11:30 Friday night, and then people IMed me, and then it was 2:30; yeah.

sexonastick: I want to a movie. :D
sexonastick: Uh. WENT.
sexonastick: I am the queen of typos.
hermionesviolin: I was wondering if you were being metaphorical and meant to say "I want to be a movie"
sexonastick: *dies* Ooh, yes, pretend that's what I meant. It is SO much cooler.

Allie and i have the most amazing discussions. On Thursday she said if we just talked enough we would come up with solutions to all the problems of the world. Joint 16-credit Special Studies?

Jonah made my night because not only did he get into Clark, but i was talking about how conversation with Amanda had gotten me all psyched to do GSA stuff at NHS, and we had the following conversation:
him: There's a Tolerance and Awareness Group this year at NHS that I'm part of, so an easy way to start a GSA might be to branch out from there.
me: Oh really? Good to know. (Also, yay.)
him: It's a great organization. We read a lot of news articles about oppression of certain groups and all, and lately homosexuality and homophobia has been a topic.
me: That's so awesome. I am impressed beyond words that NHS has such a group and just, wow. And yeah, if you're doing current events it's been a huge issue. *has visions of importing speakers to NHS*
him: :-) And I think it started because people wanted to start some sort of GSA-type group for another gay kid at the school, they just didn't want to use the words Gay-Straight Alliance to describe it.
me: Really? Wow.
me: Does that mean there's someone at NHS who fairly openly out? 'Cause that so never happened while i was there. (Though i suppose you can just be out to your friends and they can say "we should start a GSA")
him: I think the gay person is out within his group of friends, and they all really accept it. Everyone at school knows about it through rumor mostly, so I wouldn't say he's openly out. Though he was talking with his friends today at lunch about making out with his boyfriend, so you might say he's openly out.
me: *is so madly impressed*

So yeah, that made my night.

And also, meant i’m back in the planning/working. I’d already written a letter to Ms. Focht (head of health ed.) and plan to track her down when i’m home, because while ideally of course the entire health curriculum would be revamped, i would settle for the high school sex ed curriculum (as a start at least). I e-mailed my potentially-interested people this evening about GSA stuff.

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Also, um, wow, i’d forgotten how amazing some of Bob Franke’s lyrics are.

Because the site has finally recovered from its overload, i'm reposting:

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efollet and the poor college student's friend

Doug's 18th-century novel course looks rather shrug-inducing, but to be fair i'm not familiar with most of the works. Have e-mailed him to see how important it is that we have the specified editions of the works.

Michael's class will add a 3rd giant poetry collection to my shelves -- Nelson's Anthology of Modern American Poetry.

Betsey's class is going to be the bestest thing ever, for the reading list if nothing else.

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