December 14th, 2003

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I came home from church to the smell of molasses, and someone outside my hall just said it's snowing. Indeed it is. Yay. The rain a few days ago got rid of most of the snow, so i was happy when i heard another storm was coming.

Other stuff... will be talked about in another post.

[edit at 1:33pm: Wow, the cars are coated whiter than i would have expected in such a short period of time. The last time a blizzard was predicted -- last weekend -- i withheld belief since people blow things out of proportion, but if this keeps up it'll be another serious storm. Dinner's early tonight so the staff can get home with a bit more hope of safety.]

the obligatory "OMG finals period!" post

The plan had been to finish the Spanish paper last Thursday. It is bad that i did not meet that self-imposed deadline both because i am now beginning to panic about the remaining work for my 3 other classes (the light at the end of the tunnel is vaguely visible, accompanied by a far-off noise not unlike that of an oncoming train) and because i am starting to get tired of the paper.
Me (talking to my mother about my Spanish paper): "I got an A- on my first paper."
Mom: "Then you don't even have to do as well on this paper; you can drop down to an A. Wait, it doesn't work like that."
I swear i'm going to finish this paper tonight if it kills me. It's due Wednesday, so i'll e-mail the draft to Estela, then finish the 2 LJ entries i want to write and hopefully get some sleep.

Plan for the rest of the week:
Monday&Tuesday: come up with answers to the 2 HR exam questions
7pmTuesday: take the HR exam
Wednesday: study econ mad hardcore, and print out the semester's homeworks and practice tests and do them again
9am or 2pm Thursday: take the econ exam
intersperse studying for said exams with work on logic exam, which will be handed in shortly before Friday's 4pm deadline

Okay, that looks doable. *breathes*

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