December 17th, 2003

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Because i know you're all deeply interested in the state of my health:
Monday night i went to bed to the sound of Primal Scream-ing Smithies. I slept for 12 hours, got up and took a shower, and napped until lunch. Forced myself to eat lunch and dinner, knowing i needed sustenance. Had protein, but wanted wegetables. After dinner i took a 3 hour nap and considered just sleeping all night but remembered i needed to revise my Spanish draft so i could spend Wednesday studying for HR. Began to panic about getting all my shit done in time. Still coughing violently. I think people in my hall were watching Showgirls. *terrifies*

Elizabeth, buenas (y originales) conexiones con lo mitológico. Hace falta aclarar algunos pasajes.

Finished fixing my Spanish paper and somehow it is after 1am. Not far.

Oh, and because i've been living on cough drops and water, lots of my baked goods have gone unconsumed. Anyone want?

Someone please tell me that Congress knows better than to take the AFA's poll on same-sex marriage seriously. [Which is not to say i don't think you people shouldn't all vote and make the results slightly more balanced.]
anime night

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Went to bed around 1:30 and didn't fall asleep until about 3.

Got up around 10:15, feeling like something the cat dragged in.

All i really want to do is sleep.

Must keep to Schedule from Hell.

Have approximately 48 hours in which to get this all done.


mutters to self: "done is better than good... done is better than good"
anime night

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I wrote a far far better midterm than i did final for HR, and i got a horrible grade on my midterm, so safe to say i'm gonna come near failing that class. Oh well. If i had to do this semester over again, knowing what i know now, i would make some very different decisions. And it has been a challenge and a learning experience.

On the plus side (well, besides the fact that i'm now done with my work for half of this semester's classes) i wasn't terribly loudly ill while taking my exam, and while today i felt like death warmed over, i think i may actually be on the upward curve portion of this illness.
anime night

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So, i'm decimating a small rainforest printing out homeworks and old exams and suchlike, so that i can study hardcore tomorrow (though i'm still less than optimistic). Meanwhile, i'm reading Joe's friendspage, which translates into keeping up with what feels like half of the NHS grads. Grace Allendorf posted yesterday saying that Jackie had told her Mr. Leary was really sick [long battle with cancer, she later clarified] and probably wouldn't make it through the week, and then today Alexis posted saying he had passed away last night. :(

Okay, i know this doesn't mean anything to almost anyone reading this. The Learys ran a corner store during most of my adolescence and were generally just very sweet people. Their son Chris was in my grade, but i always felt closer to their daughter Brooke who's 2 years older, as she was the more academically inclined. I often see Mrs. Leary when i'm walking between my house and the library, and we always chat and she inquires after my younger brother (who spent a lot of time in the store just chatting with the Learys). So yeah, sadness.

"I'm planning on attending the wake Friday with a few people. I feel a little strange because I haven't seen Brooke or Chris or Candy [Mrs. Leary] in about three years, but I know if I was in their place, I would want all the friends and family I could have around me. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with them."

P.S. My dad pointed out that they had closed the store because "there wasn't that much time left" to spend with their kids (as both were going off to college soon) and notes, "This gives it a whole new meaning." *nods*

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