January 7th, 2004

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Yay for my new haircut. I like it muchly, and the woman who did it -- Angel -- was really cool. [I almost don't recognize myself in the mirror, which is unusual.]

Hair salons are this foreign country with a foreign language (so i have mild anxiety around them) and it didn't occur to me when scheduling my appointment to say "I would like to make an appointment to get my hair cut and highlighted" rather than "I would like to make an appointment to get my hair cut," so today i learned that while getting one's hair cut is a half-hour process, getting one's hair highlighted is a one and a half hour process -- and i have pool class at 3:15, so tomorrow at 1 i get highlights.

I had lunch with Allegra today, which was a nice surprise. And i'm sucking less at this juggling thing, and Jay is cool regardless. And i will finish my thank you notes tonight, yes i will.

P.S. Anyone going to see Strangers on a Train tonight (7:30, Seelye 106)?
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It's snowing again! I'm so excited. We came out of Strangers on a Train in Seelye and the ground was sparkly dusted and it was snowing. I was so excited (and bubbling about the movie) that i didn't even notice the cold. (Because i was only wearing a t-shirt under my perpetual sweatshirt, this afternoon when it was about 20 degrees i definitely did notice the extreme cold.)

I bitch about movies made out of books, but i keep forgetting so many of Hitchcock's movies were based on books. His movies fall into my "wouldn't wanna read the book, but will watch the movie" category, though, so i can watch guilt-free. *stops self from continuing on long digression about books made out of movies, mostly because she knows very little about Hitchcock* I enjoyed the movie a lot. Laughed a lot, which i didn't expect. JoJo pointed out that often filmmakers will inject some levity into suspenseful scenes, because then you're building tension, releasing tension, building the tension even more, and that makes sense, though i don't remember laughing during the previous 3 Hitchcock films i've seen. (Yes, i know i'm classic movie deprived. And not just as concerns Hitchcock. chiaroscuro17 may help remedy that this J-term, though.) Sometimes it was a bit unbelievable, but generally very suspenseful and an all-around well-done film.

P.S. Anyone interested in a January valley_slash get-together, comment here.
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You know, last time i got my hair cut i felt boyish too.

I had wanted the front to be short, tapering to the back, but i misunderstood a question and ended up with the front longer than the back -- essentially the reverse of what i had wanted. This has been bothering me and i was considering having Ria fix it (also tempted to just hack it myself, as i was when i was feeling really sick of my shoulder-length hair), but i just realized that i can tuck it behind my ears and it looks super-cute. This also makes me feel better about the fact that because my hair doesn't have all that much body, the cut in general looks not quite as good as i had envisioned. As i was getting distressed about the haircut i was getting anxious about tomorrow's highlights, but feeling better about the cut has made me feel better about the whole thing. Part of it is definitely that i've never colored my hair before. It grows out, i know (and i want photos taken, because it will be 2 months grown out before i see my Norwood people, not to mention my long-distance people who never see me) and they're professionals and i want this and yeah... shutting up now. Will report back tomorrow.

I like that our kitchen staff knows us and talks to us in Chase. This was the other happy thing i forgot to mention today. That and the fact that i played a round of 9-ball for the first time and heart it muchly (this is because i did well, which was likely just luck) and i really like Leah in my pool class. Also, i'm definitely still working on basic skills, and i really appreciate in general how good people are about that, being helpful and laid-back and just so very good.

I am making myself finish my thank you notes tonight, because this morning i said i would.

Next new Angel (5.09, "Harm's Way") is next Wednesday.

Oh, and have been playing with icon-making in Photoshop. What's that font that everyone uses in solid legible capital letter writing on fonts? And how do you tweak an animated icon to make it fit LJ's 40k limit?