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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Friday, January 9th, 2004

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It's Friday? When did that happen?
Have been doing more icon playing (Thanks to those who offered font reccs, btw.) and not enough of better kinds of productive work. Need to remedy that this weekend. (Oh, scrollgirl, i think you mentioned wanting me to do some icon work for you. I'd be happy to do that these next couple weeks as a nice break from internship applications and suchlike.) dherblay is kindly trying to help me master ImageReady, because Microsoft Gif Animator makes my icons too big for LJ when i have a lot of frames. I suspect this would be easier if i had someone who could sit down and work with me, but i am definitely mega-grateful.

Also, new question: Is there a way to blur out just part of an image? Like if you have an image of a book and you want to smudge the part that has the author’s name?

I want to post pictures of my hair, but i don’t have a digital camera. Anyone around (or coming back this weekend)?

Oh, and btvs_santa spawned btvs_cupid, if anyone’s interested. (Deadline for signing up is January 20.)

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