January 12th, 2004

anime night

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Wow, it snowed out. No one told me it was going to snow. I just went to close my curtains, and lo, it was white out.

*opens window* *inhales snow smell*

Looks like it's stopped. Not even enough to cover all of the ice patches, but still, yay whiteness.
you think you know...

Well, i have managed to be somewhat productive this weekend. (Icon-making is addictive.)

Saturday i got books from Forbes, as well as my tax forms. After brunch with hedy, she took pictures of my hair. Later i hung out with applejuicegirl and got to be helpful (which i enjoy doing), including [but not limited to] trying to teach her how to juggle (with lots of “Jay says...”) and making her LJ icons.

Sunday morning we went to church and then had brunch and then i researched internships and demolished a small park to print out information and she studied EMT and then we watched Jesus Christ Superstar as our reward. Okay, i say bad things about Godspell because i saw the play first and loved it and then saw the movie and it wasn’t as good, and it ended before the Resurrection. Looking back, i suspect the movie as a whole was rather good, just not as good as the play, and that i am embittered because it omits the Resurrection (which the play ends with). I would have to rewatch the movie to be sure. But Jesus Christ Superstar? Bad bad bad.

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This entry got delayed because i was talking about the film with lilithchilde, which led to talking religion, and two and a half hours later.... ;) I know there’s plenty in here that we didn’t talk about, so feel free to take issue with stuff and we can argue again :)
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Note to self:
Many places in Northampton do not open until 10am.

Also, question to the world at large:
Where would one purchase cheap adult-size opaque white tights (full-length, not knee-highs or anything)?
hermione by oatmilk

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additional note to self:
research purchasing a domain

[My to-do list for j-term is becoming monstrous.]

I know i asked about this around this time last year, so i need to look back at the responses. Anyone's welcome to post thoughts, regardless of whether you did the first time around or not.