January 13th, 2004

you think you know...

Snow Monday was pretty.

Monday morning i did errands and vacuumed my room. I went to “class” and learned that it assigns homework, because clearly, i need more to do (though i definitely understood why she did it). But i actually wrote a damn fine response to this piece (because while i haven’t been making lengthy political posts, i’ve started keeping up with Instapundit again, as everyone should).

I proved that sometimes i have self-discipline by making myself do said homework before responding to lilithchilde’s comments on my comments on Jesus Christ Superstar. [Entry is here if you wanna check it out.] I also included the commentary from my mother’s e-mail, because she made lots of good points.

Would the parental units like LiveJournal accounts so that you could log in as a user and post comments and then replies to said comments would be e-mailed to you? (And of course... if you wanted... you could post entries of your own, but you wouldn’t be obliged to.)

Now to bed with me. I will make myself write a resumé before lunch, yes i will.

(P.S. I <3 applejuicegirl for her addition to my white board.)