January 14th, 2004


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I should be working on internship apps instead of vegging on LiveJournal. I have been adding fic and icon communities these past few days, even though i'm still using the all-but-fic&icons filter (hey, it's easier than bookmarking the communities and hoping i remember to add them once i finally do have the time to watch them). There are so so many lengthy thoughtful entries i want to write, and i am still under the delusion that one day they will get written and posted.

Anyway, the reason i feel i must post is that, inspired by fandom_scruples (HP fandom is the place for fandom wank, doncha know), seanarenay has launched:
The Blacklist Challenge: reply to this public entry with 100 words of smut from the fandom and/or pairing of your choice. (If your offering contains incest, rape or bestiality, bonus points and babies' souls will be awarded. But don't stop there! You win the jackpot, complete with sexual favors, if you manage to squick me.)
No, i'm not planning on writing the squickiest drabble i possibly can, why do you ask? ;)

P.S. In case anyone is interested (i know i haven't been posting much), life is good. I feel like i'm back at Smith proper, only with less stress.
you think you know...

"Come to my room. I have something to show you. It's really really gay. Elizabeth knows what it is."

1) This is the second day so far this season that even i have thought was really cold. Hope lilithchilde didn’t get frostbite. My kitchen opens on Tuesday.
2) Wow, i have crazy friends. I absolutely adore them. (Note from yesterday: I have amazingly intelligent, thoughtful, and wonderful friends, and i love them and the discussions we have.) Also, the boy is talking to me, frequently. We have done this cycle before, but still, aw, yeah.
3) Because i am neither a lesbian, nor do i have a variant of Katherine in my name (does the fact that my first screenname ever was Kathrin123 count?) i will not be getting laid.
4) Because she can talk about pigs, but Simon/River is cause for disownership (and because susiebabylon is evil, and seanarenay already had me thinking dirty squicky): Collapse )

[I'm not quite unsquickable, but i'm tempted to ask for requests for the most disturbing pairings/kinks possible and then write them, just because i can. Exercise in stretching my creativity and all ;) ]