January 24th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

"there is nothing new about you -- just another self-made man..."

Wow, i have a functional resumé. I feel so accomplished. It looks professional and explains what my various positions entailed. (Shout-out to Joe for coming with a title for my position at Puddingstone: “information specialist”) I think i might actually look skilled. My resumé shows that i have experience in a variety of positions, doing a variety of kinds of work, taking orders and taking a lead, writing and editing and office work and dealing with the public. I am employable, yo. (Plus, it's not like these internships are rocket science or anything -- and a damn good thing, as how is rocket science going to help me in my future? ;) )

Hadn’t really touched the internship applications since two Sundays ago, as i am a bad slacker-type person, so yay for finally buckling down (well, sort of, anyway). My cover letter for The Atlantic Monthly is almost done, so i just need to tweak that and then rewrite it for the other dozen or so internships i’m applying for. (Hopefully my printer won’t run out of ink when i go to print all this stuff.)

Time for bed now, though. At brunch Rosa asked if i was sick, saying i sounded congested. “You have got to be kidding,” i thought, but yeah, i’ve definitely been sniffly all day. This is so not allowed. (I blame Maria and JoJo, even though i’ve barely been around them.)