January 27th, 2004


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Happy Birthday to my mommy!!!

A better woman than i could ever have asked for (even if she does have issues with my packrat tendencies ;) ).

I made her a LiveJournal so she doesn't have to post anonymously, but i don't expect her to post any entries of her own (though hey, surprise me).

(My daddy should have a LiveJournal, too.)


hermionesviolin: *drive-by hugging*
laynamarya: I wanna see someone drive by and hug someone just to see if it works or if someone falls out of the car or drags the other person along
hermionesviolin: *laughs*
hermionesviolin: I suppose it would have to be a walk-by hugging to actually work.
laynamarya: It could be a run-by hugging. Cause you can hug people and run. For a couple seconds, anyway. Then you fall over. But it's better than falling out of a car.
hermionesviolin: Indeed. Falling out of a car is bad.
laynamarya: word, yo