January 29th, 2004


even more people talk about "Damage" (links mostly thanks to mutant_allies)

fox1013 complains that "Damage" felt like fanfic, like a show for the Buffy fen rather than an episode of Angel.

ladyjadecat says interesting things about Buffy and working-within-the-system, also about souled!Spike.

minim_calibre talks about moral grey as well as reflection and recividism.

where_wolf brings up some some points about Gunn and his soul and his past, and also talks about men and power and evil and stuff.

As dlgood said, "bhadrasvapna offers a perspective on what happens when we are damaged, and dealing with trauma and gaining power in AtS5x11, Damage." (A second entry speculates on the meanings of the geographical locations of the Scoobies.)
broccoli quote from SIKOS 2002

More icons!

The number of icons one has with a regular paid account got bumped up to 15, but i traded in my unused invite codes for a coupon for 6 months of extra icon time -- running out the exact day my paid account runs out.

I brought back some old icons and brought in a bunch of new ones. I've been meaning to make this particular icon ever since Celebration of Sisterhood 2002. When Bush made Marriage Protection Week and many people countered with icons, i found myself wanting a queer icon but i had neither the space nor the knowledge of just what i wanted, but now i have one, so yay!

Clearly iconning is more fun than homework, so i need to restrain myself now that the semester has begun. I really enjoy being able to do what i want, to not have to ask someone to make something for me (though of course i utilize other people's screencaps and for really pretty i definitely still have to ask other people). I changed around some of my pre-existing icons to be more how i wanted them, and that felt good. And i can make basic icons (crop, resize, add text) for other people, which is nice. At some point rhipowered or someone has to come over and walk me through how to make animated icons, though.