February 5th, 2004

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At this rate i'm gonna graduate having a visceral negative reaction to walking into JMG. (background for those who weren't here -- which, wow, is a lot, 'cause 2 years ago... wow... in 2 years there will be no students on campus who were actually present for that...)

2+ hours... "Is Same-Sex Marriage Good for the Nation?" (John Rankin and Amy Hunt)

It's bad when i'm rewriting arguments on both sides. Mostly they did a good job, but Amy has almost no theological background, and i think sometimes John was more inflammatory/hurtful than he really intended to be. And of course the structure of the forum has inherent limitations for detailed debate and clarification and pursuing points and so on.

I really need to write him a letter arguing with him. And of course i'll be watching the Jolt get murderous -- probably defending and critiquing a variety of positions. *sighs* It was almost always very respectful or at least civil, though. but i got so tired of people asking questions about inalienable rights which i knew John would answer with the Genesis thing. I really really understand his argument now, which is valuable for me and my argument with him because it's the crux of his broader argument, but we did not all need to hear it that many times, and i felt like people should have seen that so many of their questions would get that response, esp. since often they were nearly literally asking the same questions as had been previously asked. *sighs* This weekend when i write to him i'll lj-cut a post talking more about what was said tonight and my thoughts on it. *sighs*