February 10th, 2004

anime night

"i go follow to the river, play your memory like the piper and i feel it like a sickness..."

People change. I need to learn to be okay with this. I get attached and don't like to acknowledge that people are changing in ways i don't like or moving away or whatever. And often people change and grow and mature and become better people (by which of course i mean people i like better, since that's so very subjective). And i keep reminding myself that i have so many good people in my life that i hardly have grounds to complain. I guess part of the problem is that people are always changing, and life changes, and people move, and sometimes you end up on different paths, and sometimes i think that grey area where you don't know where you stand is the hardest. I'm not good with the social thing, and one of the things i really regret is not trying harder with so many people, so many relationships -- because you have this acquaintanceship with these people and you wonder if maybe, if you tried, you could be, could have been, really good friends, and you never know.

PSE showed Boys on the Side tonight. Why has no one made me watch this movie before now?

[And yes, i was thinking this entry before i saw the movie.]
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