February 16th, 2004

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Not that the blogosphere reads me, but i would just like to state that group blogs irk me tremendously. I am all about owning what you say, and having lots of different people on one page makes it so easy for me to conflate you with someone else since all your words are on one page. Plus, if one of your co-bloggers focuses on something i'm not interested in (or, worse yet, pisses me off consistently) i'm gonna be skimming a lot. But mostly it's the fact that i want each person to have their own page so i KNOW without having to pay close attention, who's speaking. The Volokh Conspiracy resembles LJ with the color-coded names beginning each entry, but honestly i'd rather Eugene just have his own page and he could link to those other people and if i cared i would click on said links. (As a sidenote, guest-blogging weirds me out. But that's a separate, smaller, issue.)
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Smith Leading Ladies is doing Little Shop of Horrors next year! I am so excited.

I think Heather's right that it was my sophomore year that NHS did Little Shop. First year was Wizard of Oz, and Grease was one of those years, probably senior as i don't recall any of the Class of '00 biggies having roles. What was the 4th musical we did?

(Amusingly, i know the one that preceded my arrival at NHS -- A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum -- and the one that followed my graduation -- Kiss Me Kate.) Jonah IMed me a full list of the musicals from 1998 on. I am impressed.

The Wizard of Oz (1998), Little Shop of Horrors (1999), Grease (2000), The Sound of Music (2001), Kiss Me Kate (2002), Peter Pan (2003), and Les Misérables (2004).

Even funner, of course, is trying to recall the straight shows. There was "Frogs," of course. Pretty sure that was also my first year. And there was "Electra" for the one-act festival one year but i there had to have been an additional straight show that year, since the one-acts were a separate entity. Hmm.

Gods, how could i forget Twelfth Night? Pretty sure that was my sophomore year. (We love that i do this by remembering who was in the cast.) That was a straight show, though, not the big show for the year.

Why do i feel like if i asked Linda she could tell me every show for every year we were in high school?

Wow, old skool. My first year in high school, i believe. Let's play "Name that student!"
Wendy Clement
Brooke Leary!
Sofia Gavrialades and whatshername. Oh and George Drulliard behind them.
Damn, me! (I still have that shirt, yo.) And Kristin Baltadonis in front of me. And Dan Barry on bass.
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I am so sick of this Atlantic Monthly story. It’s making me wish i had gone to mt’s talk on book reviewing my first year. Speaking of whom, discussing political issues with him is um, wow. You didn’t know “wow” could be a value neutral adjective, did you? At the same time, i have come to have so much respect for Daniel Oppenheimer (Valley Advocate writer) which makes me happy.

Someone needs to buy lilithchilde more paid time so Empire Records will go away ;) (Though of course now she’ll use them all the time to spite me, because she doesn’t like my icon even though i almost never use it.)

Finished all my reading for tomorrow Saturday afternoon. (Yay not having a novel to read.) So i’ve been able to catch up on pleasure reading, sleep, and other work i’ve let slide. Though then other stuff sneaks up on me (and there are never enough hours in the day to do everything i want).

People keep telling me i look really happy these past few days, which amuses me because it’s always on random occasions when i just feel neutral.

There’s this Marriage is meme which has been going around, with many people tweaking the text to better reflect their personal take on marriage. As one person said, My livejournal is the closest I get to a car with a bumper sticker. But of course i qualify/complicate everything, so i have given up on trying to come up with succint wording for my own position.

I have stuff of substance to say, but of course none of it's finished yet, and it's nearing my bedtime.