February 22nd, 2004

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Wow i slept a lot today. I needed it, of course, and i did get a good amount of work done, though i still have so much to do.

Meme going around:
Pick your favorite icon of mine and tell me why it's your favorite. Then pick an icon you don't like or one that you find confusing, and tell me why.

'Nother meme going around:
List, without explanation, your 5 favorite Shakespeare plays and your one least favorite. Having not read all of them i feel like i shouldn't do this, but how many people have read them all, really? My one qualification is to say that that i'm counting Henry IV as one play even though it's technically 2.

1. Twelfth Night
2. Macbeth
3. King Lear
4. Henry IV
5. Henry V

X. Hamlet
crazy [lavellebelle]

Gorgeous weather today.

I miss having a normal sleep pattern. Recently i’ve been sleeping far too much or far too little. Practically passing out and feeling incapable of doing anything intelligently, or lying in bed unable to fall asleep. Sigh.

Got some more work done in the wee hours of the morning, though.

There's a new Sophian op-ed assistant editor, and this weekend at least i like her.

My nail polish keeps chipping. (This is why i don’t do prettifying: i’m always fidgeting with my boady, so anything that requires not being touched just doesn’t work.) I realized i put it on last Monday and normal people would probably strip it and reapply rather than just adding more and more paint as i've been doing this week. As i’ve said before, i skipped all those classes on being a girl. Today i did actually take it all off and will do a new color scheme tomorrow.

Last year First Churches had a Lenten book study, and going to that was the closest i had ever come to doing Lent, but they aren’t doing that this year. I think i would like to do Lent this year. At dinner last night, Emily Cox and i talked about giving up things versus actively doing good things for Lent and what the various purposes of Lent can be for a person. Layna is planning to keep kosher for Lent this year and said, "I'm trying to get how Jesus lived his life." I think i’m gonna keep that at the forefront of my mind when thinking about Lent.

I think i’m going to go to the Ash Wednesday service at First Churches this Wednesday. “At the end of the service, people will be asked to come forward to receive the mark of the ashes on their forehead - a sign of penitence and humility and remembrance that before God we are but dust and to dust we shall return.” (And then i get to go to Meredith’s room and watch Fred die. No, i don't actually know if that's what happens. And i don't want anyone who knows to tell me what does happen.) I had done a quick bit of research on Ash Wednesday a few weeks back, and part of the idea of the mark on Ash Wednesday is the mark of being claimed by Jesus, and at this moment that would be dishonest for me to claim, but humility and death i can get behind (er, you know what i mean).

OMG, TBQ and wolfling wrote "Angel has puppet fear" in the "Connor has two daddies" 'verse. [thebratqueen wrote the Angel bits and wolfling the Wes bits.]

Also LOVE this Spike fic. I should definitely check out the rest of her fic.

I really need to carve out time to work on my own ficathon fics. And no, i didn’t just sign up for the Ethan Rayne ficathon, of course not. *stabs self* Love hello_fic_now. And gah, typing the setting i wanted made me want to write lots and lots of Giles/Ethan in the dark corners of Oxford and to go back there so that i could write it better.

*pukes all over giant pile of work*
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Why is this movie practically impossible to locate? (And does Pleasant Street Video still have a website? Thanks to rhipowered for pointing out that there is such a thing as a phone.)

In my procrastination today i implemented an idea i had while i couldn't sleep last night. Clearly i am strange and unnatural, because i am combining Ani with Buffy, and in Dawn icons no less. (I don't have the hate on for that character that other people do. I thought her character was often poorly written, but she had a lot of potential -- no pun intended -- and i actually liked/felt an affinity with certain aspects of her character.)

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