February 23rd, 2004

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Does Katy ever do any work? I mean, i understand that sometimes there are projects to be done and filing gets put on the back burner, but i think every single afternoon i have come in i have found at the bottom of the pile the filing i didn't get to at the end of my previous shift. I work Monday and Wednesday afternoons. She works the remaining afternoons, shorter shifts than i but really, they're still long enough to get some filing done as i really don't believe that somehow there have been large projects that somehow don't spill over onto my Mondays or Wednesdays. (There are days when i have had projects, but i have almost always managed to get most of the filing done anyway because hello, filing = easy.) I'm not actually bitter, just kinda "Huh?" Last night i realized that this week is going to make me want to commit ritual suicide due to the overload, but then i read happymartian's response to my interview for my Fairy Tales class [hey, don't look at me like that all you other volunteers; i'll likely get to you for the second assignment] and all was better, so i'm currently in a good mood and am endeavoring to stay that way for the remainder of the week. susiebabylon, i've been listening to Breakdown and like it. Lunch was a lightly toasted bagel with peanut butter, and a bowl of pistachio pudding. This actually does not make me feel whiny. Question for you Neilson people: If Neilson owns a DVD, is there anywhere in the building i can watch said DVD? Okay, now i'm off to conquer the filing and then hopefully make serious headway in the remaining two-thirds of Joseph Andrews.
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Aprile and Rosa both complimented me on my nails today.

Dinner wasn't worth walking downstairs for, but i just spent an hour and a half at the Campus Cafe with Sarah and the exes. Most time i've ever spent there by far. We established that i am far less squickable than Sarah and also that i have the dirtiest mind of any of us, even with Heather there. Somehow i am not at all surprised by either of these facts.