February 28th, 2004

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I hear today is Friends' List Commenting Day. (Explanation here and here.) I always love comments, but i would like to state that i do not want people to comment on my entries just for the sake of commenting on them. (I also refuse to comment on people's entries just for the sake of commenting, for the same reason that i don't want people to comment on mine just for the sake of commenting: it seems lame and beside the point because it thus becomes a meaningless comment, though i do get where the idea is coming from, about increasing communication and community and all that.)

Looking back on my notes from the week, i have decided that none of it really merits an entry. I was going to write about Daniel Berrigan and Dennis Kucinich but have decided it isn't worth the energy. I will be making an entry about Lent and also one about this week's Angel episode at some point, but i need to force myself to write my UMass paper today. The stuff below was already written in my procrastination this week, so i'm posting it. (The next two entries will probably get written during my procrastination on this paper because i'm bad like that.)

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