March 3rd, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

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Did data entry for AM and photocopying for MC. Still had time to make a good dent in the filing. I have said before that i really don't mind doing the filing, and part of me is even a touch possessive about it, because i know the quirky stuff like "Phillips Trip" is really "Tryon Trip to Europe" and "Pearlstein Project" is really "Miller Lecture Project" (i tend to roll my eyes at Stacey when she says i'm the only who can understand AJ's filing system, but there is honestly some weird stuff that isn't necessarily intuitive to the newcomer) and i can often anticipate stuff well enough so that when i'm asking AJ stuff it's just to confirm that i'm right.

Last week i jokingly complained that i was the only one who ever did any filing, and Alicia hadn't left yet and heard me and i kinda brushed it off. The next day i was in she said that if Katy really wasn't doing the filing, to let her know and she would remind her. Again, i kinda brushed it off. I mean, i don't mind doing it, and i do it well, and it's not really appropriate for me to get paid to do my homework. But it was occurring to me today that she shouldn't be getting paid to do her homework either, and every day i come in it looks like no filing has been done since i was last in. I know sometimes projects come up, but dude, i always have time to get at least some filing done (i mean, this isn't brain surgery) and it seems like she never does. If it's still like this after break i think i will say something to Alicia.