March 7th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

eventually you'll get a real update from me

Looking at my econ problem set, why do i feel like i don't know how to do a lot of it?

Apparently i give off the illusion that i am a conscientious, nonprocrastinatory, student who doesn't need sleep. susiebabylon called me "all that is right in the world" this afternoon. But really, i just tend to not post about how much i haven't done any of my work or whatever.

"Is the glass half-full or empty?" I ask her as I fill it
She said it doesn't really matter, pretty soon you're bound to spill it.
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    "The girl with the weight of the world in her hands..."
hermione by oatmilk

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CC ran out of ice cream, so am forced to reevaluate what i want for dessert.

Am also debating joining even more ficathons.

Really should be trying to learn econ at the moment.