March 10th, 2004

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Definitely haven’t studied enough. Sigh.

Finally finished my Spikeathon fic, though i’m not sure how happy i actually am with it. Must come up with an Angelverse femslash ficathon request by Friday. (I have a bit more time before signups end for anything else i wanna participate in.)

In Fairy Tales class, i actually knew about the gambling scandal re: the author of The Book of Virtues. Do i get a cookie?

Watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty for my UMass Fairy Tales class (damn, i’m gonna watch so many videos over Break) yesterday. Is really interesting to watch as an adult these films i have only the vaguest memories of seeing as a child. I could talk in detail about all the films so far, but i don't think anyone would really care? (Yeah, i know, clearly that stops me on a regular basis in this LJ :P )

Saw Gothika tonight with Kate. They started 5 minutes early, what up with that? Anyway, i was appropriately creeped and it was very good. I learned that she likes creepy movies but wasn’t prepared for this to be “What Lies Beneath meets Sixth Sense.” I was, though i haven’t seen the former, something we now have plans to remedy since i’ll be on campus 4-eva thanks to my UMass class. Discussion of which prompted: “You take the strangest classes -- just from reading your LJ....” I honestly don’t really, i just report all the amusing anecdotes :)

From the new HONS contract:
7.      I will not promote or encourage new students to use alcohol or any illegal substance. I will answer “drinking” and “drug” questions by explaining the many social alternatives available at the college and in the larger community.

10.      Even though at times this job may be stressful, I will make every effort to maintain a positive attitude.
Um, yeah.

meme: take the first letter of the name of the person you got this meme from, and list all of your lj interests that begin with that letter

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hermione by oatmilk

oh, and...

Happy Birthday to the Martian who helped get me an A on my UMass paper :)

I trust you remembered to turn 22 a few hours ago.

Enjoy being two and a-slightly-larger-fraction-than-before ten-year-olds.
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Took both my exams. Was confirmed in my belief that i had not studied sufficiently. Am hopeful i managed B-level in both, which would be quite satisfactory. Ah well, moving on. Fairy Tales reading (and maybe finally doing some posting again) and somehow coming up with 2 pages to write about Clarissa. And i will remember my meeting tonight.
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My poetry midterm essentially came down to: “This passage, like the poem as a whole, undermines tradition.”

The Grimms in brief: “Sex is bad. Violence is okay when it is punishing the wicked.” Why do we keep having to have this argument? Does no one read the discussion board before posting on it? Oh yeah, i knew the answer to that already. *groans*

Also, Hans Christian Andersen, why do you have to be so obnoxious in your Christianizing of your stories? I wanted to like you, y’know. Pieces of “The Snow Queen” partially redeem you, though.

Definite reccurent theme in returning to fairy tales as an "adult": It’s interesting what we remember from stories we heard as children.

All we liaisons have classes that cut into the department tea ("The spring tea will be on April Fool's Day--Thursday, April 1-- from 4-5:30. All majors and prospective majors are invited. Seelye 207.") which amuses me. I should just skip my UMass class for it, but that day’s topic is “Modern Adaptations & Closure in Fairy Tales,” during the Little Red Riding Hood unit (assigned texts for the day include Thurber’s tale and the movie version of Carter’s “The Company of Wolves”). Of course, all the notes go up online, and it's not exactly a discussion-y class, so it's really rather missable. Sigh; decisions, decisions. (Plus it's Jane-Yolen-comes-to-my-Smith-Fairy-Tales-class day, which probably will have no bearing on my choosing to attend my UMass class but, yanno.)

Haven’t yet started my Clarissa paper. Would kinda like to just go to sleep. Le sigh.