March 11th, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

"you can sleep when you're dead"

_green_ wrote me Spike/Dawn and i am ever so pleased. Sweet and guh and yeah.

Have been coming up with requests for all those ficathons i wanna join (yes, i know i’m insane), which makes me happy because mostly i have been staring at the list thinking “I used to have ideas for things i wanted to see people write....” And i heart my fast connection which allows me to download dozens of vids easily. Was a good night for fandom. Also talked to Allie for ages (always good, even when it means we don’t sleep or get our work done) and very briefly with Joe, whom i may actually see over the break :) Finally wrote my response paper for Doug. (Worst paper i’ve written so far, but so it goes.) Realized i had totally forgotten about the possibility of writing a paper for Fairy Tales class and decided i wasn’t gonna try to write one for today’s class.

I realized that i enjoy fanvids in large part because i relive the stories they are taking “pages” from while watching them .... pretty!nostalgia..... So of course, the highlights from Luminosity and Kamil’s page were REM’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” and the “Fool for Love” mix.

To anyone who missed the memo a couple months back: all my fic is housed here. Some are better than others, and feedback, positive and/or negative, is always welcome.

And now for a few hours of sleep. I have classes straight through all day, then am going to a play at Hampshire after dinner, then home to do laundry and go to bed. My brother is coming to bring me back to the ‘Wood Friday evening. I am looking forward to Break, but it will mostly be reading, writing, and watching videos, so if you will be in the Boston area and would like to hang out, lemme know.
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Happy Birthday offbalance!

I was gonna write about how wonderful you are, but i am opting for sleep instead.

I love you and hope you have a wonderful day/weekend/celebration at some point.
hermione by oatmilk

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Am now officially on Spring Break. Woot.

Could really go for some sleep, but have a couple hours yet due to laundry. Get to sleep in tomorrow, though, because econ (my one Friday class) is cancelled. Then all i have to do is return a video and pack before my brother comes to get me around 5.

Saw Cloud Nine at Hampshire tonight. (Have now traversed yet more of that campus. And didn't get lost at all this time.) Enjoyed the play greatly and will be procuring a copy over break to copy down all the good quotes as i only remember a couple. Wasn't quite what i was expecting from the blurb, but i enjoyed it more than i would have if it were closer to what i was expecting. I would be happy to chat about it in person with you, but i don't have all that much to say in terms of a write-up.