March 16th, 2004

evil hand

Yes there is a real update in the works.

So, i have to write an Angel/Lindsey story and have been so blanking. I do not want to set it in Season 5, and it looks like i'm gonna just have to read the transcripts for every episode Lindsey was in (which i do have a nice list of, thanks to IMDb) and figure something out.

Anyone have suggestions/requests for said story?
restless [moobytooby]

Gods, i watch so much television when i'm home.

I also do so much walking. I think my body has pent-up antsiness from all the sitting i do all semester.

The land was softly covered in snow when i came home Friday night, but when i left on Saturday morning it was beautiful weather with no sign of snow. And the rhododendron bush in our front yard has been cut down! :(

Went to the library, which is always nice. Hung out with Terry and mentioned, among other things, that i want knee-high boots but they tend to be far more expensive than i can afford. He suggested Payless, so after i came home i checked it out online. The only ones i found were these hot boots. I wear size wide shoes, though, so these would probably pinch, and i’m not sure how well i can walk in such toothpicky stilettos, and really i want black. So the search continues. I think i need to not shop in the spring. I went shopping with my brother and apparently this season’s colors are bright-pastel pink, orange, and green.

My mom says people frequently ask about me and Smith being teh gay and she gives sorta non-committal answers, since it’s not really her place, and i respect that. Annoying that it’s always with an implication of “How is your sweet daughter faring with all those big scary lesbians?” rather than “So, did she pick Smith because it’s full of gays?” (And dude, why doesn’t anyone ever ask me this stuff? I think the teacher who asked me, when i visited the high school on Tuesday, what it was like to live in the lesbian capital of the United States was the first person to explicitly ask me about my relation to that particular aspect of my college experience.)

My mom also said that recently the church we still somewhat reluctantly attend has been putting inserts into the bulletin about the gay marriage stuff (sadly the inserts weren’t there the Sunday i went, as i had my mother’s permission to gripe to people) and Grandma asked her about “that woman in the choir who used to come with her girlfriend” and my mom said they don’t come anymore, and she said “oh, because of the inserts” and my mom said actually they had stopped coming before that (when i found out that they had left, and that they were a couple -- which i had suspected but never known for sure -- i was surprised they had stayed as long as they had, given how homophobic that church currently is). My grandma’s flawed, but she doesn’t like intolerance, and so the homophobia in that church upsets her. Turns out she had an aunt or someone who was gay, and it just wasn’t a big deal. This makes me happy, as i’m not really explicitly out to her (i’m always torn between feeling like i would be throwing it in people’s faces and feeling like people need to know that they have queer people all around them, that that’s so important in changing people’s minds, not to mention it’s an important part of me and shouldn’t the people who care about me know the important stuff about me?) and i like having a gauge for how people will/would react.

I enjoyed this week’s SNL. The gay wedding? Totally had me hooked. And the “ben-gay” t-shirt “In case Matt finally comes around”-- dude, i clapped on behalf of the fandom (which i am not a part of). Yes, i am a cheap whore.

Went to church on Sunday, which wasn’t painful. My mom and grandma were greeting, so i ended up greeting with them. I think we do this 3-generation greeting thing at least once a year.

Joe Fitzgerald called me “kiddo” and then corrected himself (I had mildly bitched him out for that sometime back, pointing out that i had a name -- though later my mother informed that he calls everyone “kiddo.”) and called me Kathleen and i laughed and said if he was gonna get my name wrong he should just call me “kiddo.” He apologized and said he had been having a spacey moment. We chatted a bit after church. He’s a good guy, and he likes me, though i’m sure he’s more conservative than i on a lot of important things.

Visited the high school on Tuesday. Was nice, as usual.

Yeesh, i feel like this is exceedingly boring stuff to be inflcting upon you all.