March 19th, 2004


The keyboard on the home computer annoys me.

Finished my fic for enfaith’s non-canon relationship ficathon. Ended up doing Spike/Andrew instead of Angel/Lindsey (Why have so many ficathons ceased having a second choice option? I am such a fan of that option.) and it is so not shippy, but it has an actual plot, which is more than i was coming up with for the pairing i actually like.

Have signed up for 6 more ficathons, because clearly i am an insane masochist. Looking at what has already been requested in various ficathons, i am beginning to have deep fear about getting assigned a request i can’t write.

More people need to sign up for the significant others ficathon, and people need to stop requesting Xander/Tara for the Tara ficathon. Thank you, drive through.

(doyle_sb4 has a nearly complete list of all the Whedonverse ficathons, and you can also check out hello_fic_now/baficathon. Outside that ‘verse, there’s also a BSC ficathon. Not that i am encouraging ficathon participation much the same way crack dealers recommend recreational drug use. No, not at all.)
hermione by oatmilk

Wonderfalls, episode 2

Watching the premiere i kept thinking "It's Joss does Joan of Arcadia." offbalance mentioned Dead Like Me. I haven't seen either of those shows, so i can't make any honest comparison, but i was quite pleased that tonight's episode didn't feel like it was ripping off other things.

Also, yay fansite. (Though it doesn't have transcripts.)
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The abridged version of Clarissa is 500 pages. I read 200 pages before break and have managed an additional 100 since i have been on break. I am supposed to have the book finished by Tuesday. I know i won’t be writing a paper on this book, and i don’t think we have any exam per se in this class, so motivation is rather difficult to come by, given that at this point i am really quite eager for these characters to exit my life.

In other news, our heroine is now signed up for 9 ficathons, in addition to the 2 she already has actual assignments for. Clearly she is insane.