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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Friday, March 19th, 2004

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The keyboard on the home computer annoys me.
Finished my fic for enfaith’s non-canon relationship ficathon. Ended up doing Spike/Andrew instead of Angel/Lindsey (Why have so many ficathons ceased having a second choice option? I am such a fan of that option.) and it is so not shippy, but it has an actual plot, which is more than i was coming up with for the pairing i actually like.

Have signed up for 6 more ficathons, because clearly i am an insane masochist. Looking at what has already been requested in various ficathons, i am beginning to have deep fear about getting assigned a request i can’t write.

More people need to sign up for the significant others ficathon, and people need to stop requesting Xander/Tara for the Tara ficathon. Thank you, drive through.

(doyle_sb4 has a nearly complete list of all the Whedonverse ficathons, and you can also check out hello_fic_now/baficathon. Outside that ‘verse, there’s also a BSC ficathon. Not that i am encouraging ficathon participation much the same way crack dealers recommend recreational drug use. No, not at all.)
Wonderfalls, episode 2
Watching the premiere i kept thinking "It's Joss does Joan of Arcadia." offbalance mentioned Dead Like Me. I haven't seen either of those shows, so i can't make any honest comparison, but i was quite pleased that tonight's episode didn't feel like it was ripping off other things.

Also, yay fansite. (Though it doesn't have transcripts.)
The abridged version of Clarissa is 500 pages. I read 200 pages before break and have managed an additional 100 since i have been on break. I am supposed to have the book finished by Tuesday. I know i won’t be writing a paper on this book, and i don’t think we have any exam per se in this class, so motivation is rather difficult to come by, given that at this point i am really quite eager for these characters to exit my life.

In other news, our heroine is now signed up for 9 ficathons, in addition to the 2 she already has actual assignments for. Clearly she is insane.

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