March 21st, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

And she’s back. (And glad of it, too.)

Clearly i should just live in Al-Cap, as i did the “I already have my food but am following So-and-So through the line” what, 3 times? Was amused (though not all that surprised) that susiebabylon’s greeting was something along the lines of “Wow you update LiveJournal a lot when you’re home on vacation” (only you were slightly more tactless, dear ;P).

Saw fewer people than hoped over the Break, but made it through a week in the ‘Wood without being accosted by any creepy middle-aged men, so i call it a win. (Though i did get the requisite “You look great; you’ve lost weight” from one of the nice ladies at the library.) My mother says perhaps i’m losing that vulnerable, almost-adult look. I am very okay with this.

Speaking of (I turn 21 this summer.), i still don’t know where my passport got to, and the Internet has been less than forthcoming with the information one must provide in order to obtain a Massachusetts non-driver ID. Also, Terry says more places are insisting on driver’s licenses rather than state IDs since the latter are so easily forgeable. Anyone have knowledge about either of these?
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Sunday night and i'm thinking of asking for an extension on the paper that's due Thursday. That's the kind of week it's gonna be. Okay, that's in large part because i have yet to come up with a topic for said paper, but still.

Monday, March 22
7:30-9:30, Neilson Browsing Room
panel discussion about feminism & trans issues
Y'all should come.

Tuesday, March 23
7pm, CC 103 (that big room on the 1st floor of the Campus Center)
Anyone who cares knows what this is all about, right? Last year the student body voted to change the pronouns in the SGA [Student Government Association] Constitution, so all female pronouns were changed to variations on "the student," so that the document would better represent the student body, since the SGA is about student representation. Now people want to overturn the vote and have a revote. Depressingly, if it goes to a campus-wide vote, it would probably go back to "she/her," so the hope (from my side) is that the Senate will vote to affirm last year's vote. Hence, talk to any Senator you know, and show up at the Senate meeting and speak up.
And if anyone wants to write an articulate Letter to the Editor to the Sophian about their coverage of this issue? I encourage you.

Wednesday night i'm giving a Bodywise workshop in the Campus Center, Thursday night i might be going to see Sam's friends play at the Tavern at Hampshire, Friday i'm giving a Bodywise workshop at tea at some house, Saturday night i'm probably going to the Glee Club concert and then definitely going to the Drag Ball (10pm-1am, Davis Ballroom?) and Sunday night is house meeting where we have to elect all the positions for next year, and then it's a new week already. Le sigh.
you think you know...

and on a lighter note...

One evening over break, we went through photo albums of when my younger brother was a baby. If there had been more time i would had my brother scan in oodles of pictures, but as it was i only had him do the two that killed me with their cuteness. The relevant portions have been cropped and are presented here for your enjoyment (or my self-indulgence... something, anyway).

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