March 22nd, 2004

hermione by oatmilk

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Wow, not a whole lot of filing for having been gone a week. I hear a lot of staff vacationed last week as well, though, so that's probably part of it.

Got an A- on my econ exam. Woot.

Also, i'm very glad i wasn't an English major back in the day (though i really should procure 200/201 syllabi to fill in the gaps in my reading).
not that innocent [purple_smurf]

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Woot, wrote over 300 words of fic at work.

While chatting with Stacey, she mentioned this. Anyone know of any other songs that allude to fairy tales? An mp3 of this song would be lovely, as well. (Incidentally, there’s a list of songs with Biblical allusions, anyone’s interested.)

Also, doyle_sb4 is a crack dealer. And an organized one at that. Laurel, can i steal your plotbunny icon? (I’m sorry i didn’t get your mix made over break. This summer, i promise.)

Still haven’t done that “10 fictional characters you would shag” meme, but i like the new meme from jennyo:

Name a pairing or five you don't see much (any fandom you want), if at all, and you think would be a fascinating thing to read more of, even if it squicks.



I think all the other pairings i’m currently enamoured of have good amounts of fic.

Also, there’s another meme where you can pick any of my icons (or, alternatively, one of my LJ interests) and i’ll write you a story about it (as in, a fictional story inspired by it, not a story about why i chose it).
choose to be [unhappyending]

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Hmm, maybe i won't go to Senate tomorrow after all. *sighs*

Maura's giving(?) a lecture on "Size Oppression and the Size Rights Movement" in Seelye 301 at 7 ("This lecture will focus on the myths and facts about large sized people, taking up space/our right to space, accomodation issues, and employment discrimination.") and i'm really interested in going to that. I feel a certain obligation to go to the Senate discussion (not to mention a sick desire to be there and listen and take notes). But i've also done that discussion so many times, and the pro-she/her-Constitution talking will make me want to smack things, and i have this potentially misplaced optimism that there will be articulate people on my side. And body image, yay people of size, etc. is something i'm also really interested in and haven't had a chance to do nearly enough with. Grr, so much stuff all at the same time. (I e-mailed re: self-injury stuff on campus back in early March and almost all of it conflicts with classes etc.)

(Healthy Heads is also having a Body Acceptance and Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group in Campus Center 204 at the same time -- who scheduled that?)

And Emma wants to watch Velvet Goldmine this week. Why this week? *cries*