March 26th, 2004

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hedy has paid off her karmic debt for cancelling a Spring Break coffee date by hanging out with me 4 nights in a row this week :) Tonight was Sam’s friends The Ponys at the Tavern. Thanks to the opening band i now want a theremin. H. suggested i obtain a Sugar Parent. What? A set is only $300 or something. You act like i don't have that kind of money to throw around or something ;)

I wanna go to the Tufts queer conference. Need to decide which workshops i want to attend. I definitely wanna go to the ‘images of queers in the media’ for Session 2 (ooh, and ConBust has a “Homosexuality in Sci-Fi” panel the night before), and will likely go to ‘queer theory and queer activism’ for Session 3. Am undecided for Session 1.

More pressingly, i register for fall classes one week from Monday!

Can’t take Gen Lit as it conflicts with work. Have decided to just procure the syllabi for GOV 100 and ENG 200/201. *looks at susiebabylon*

Do i want to take Shakespeare with Harold Skulsky or Gillian Kendall? (I can take Karl Donfried’s Dead Sea Scrolls course if i take Skulsky’s section.)

marginaliana, talk me out of taking Marc Lendler’s Free Speech class.

I think i definitely want to take Intro Bible I and Self Defense (the latter is a one-credit night class).

Deviant Behavior with Pat Miller and Advertisting and Visual Culture (an ARH 101) with Barbara Kellum conflict.

I actually wanna take Marc Steinberg’s Sociology of Rock and Pop Music.
hermione by oatmilk


I don't actually like the Smith Dems, but i kinda wanna go to some of the parts of this weekend's conference. Specifically two on Saturday:
12:00: Gender & Sexuality Politics Info Session in CC 003
1:30: “Gods, Guns, and Gays”: How the Democrats Will Handle Controversial Issues in 2004, Graham
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The Catcher in the Rye, arguments thereon

People keep mentioning Catcher in the Rye in a positive context. I was waiting for sigrun read it so i could just read the discussion on her LJ, but i actually took part in a discussion on it on someone else’s LJ recently and decided i needed to just post on my own LJ and people can discuss here and any time it comes up in the future i can just point here.

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Things i learned at the AIDS tea today:

Chocolate sauce and liqueurs are both bad for latex.

85% of new HIV infections are straight women.

There was also talk about cancelling the debt of poor countries, and of course my gut reaction to that is twitching, but there’s interesting information, which i really should look into further, but that is honestly so far down on my list of priorities.

In other news...

Got my hetficathon assignment. A rare pairing (though i already knew what the archive site for the pairing was called, because clearly i live in fandom) and one it would never occur to me to write. The request involves someone finding out about the relationship, though, so that means i don’t have to write them getting together. That just leaves the lesser problem of writing them as a couple. (Also, 1500 word minimum? Who started this evil practice of minimum lengths for ficathons?)

Question for the world at large:
If you were to write a Whedonverse fic using this song, what pairing (or non ‘ship scenario) would you use?

Has anyone been to the Tufts queer conference? Joe said he went one year and it was really bad, but admits he might have just gone to the wrong workshops.

Amusing anecdotes from the week.

My econ professor: “This is really valuable. You can win bar bets on this forever.”

The “I feel” statement was invented in the 18th century by the sentimentalists who, reacting against Hobbes’ idea that humans are inherently bad, believed that you should base decisions on your instinctual emotional response. They were big with sympathy and thus with progressive causes, but they lose serious points for inventing the “I feel” statement.

Poems talk to Michael in a high-pitched British accent.

For those of you who don’t go to Smith: Smith calls its dorms “houses,” and many well resemble houses. Chase-Duckett is something of a conjoined house. The houses are named for Mary Ellen Chase and Eleanor Shipley Duckett, respectively. The following is taken from the Duckett House website (which fills me with glee), but is something i didn’t know until just yesterday
The house is named for Eleanor Shipley Duckett, a former professor in the Department of Classical Languages and Literatures. Mary Ellen Chase, for whom Chase House is named, was her life-long companion, and so the adjoining Chase and Duckett Houses were named for these outstanding women scholars and teachers.
Thursday my Smith fairy tales class had an Electronic Classroom session to prepare us for researching for our final papers. The wealth of stuff that is out there... lilithchilde and i were nearly drooling as we could easily read about fairy tales for the rest of our lives.

At some point there will be a post about all the Little Red Riding Hood adaptations thanks to my UMass class. (And no, sexonastick, i haven’t forgotten the promised post on Beauty and the Beast. I haven’t been able to see the silent film yet.)
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Wonderfalls, 1.03

I. love. this show. unequivocally. Thank you.

A reviewer said of this show that of the first 4 episodes, each one was better than the previous one. So far i would say that person is right.