March 30th, 2004

evil hand

(no subject)

Wait, tonight's Senate vote is to reverse last year's campuswide decision on the SGA Constitution, not to send it back to the campus for a revote? How did i not know this given that i have actually been paying attention? If it went to the campus for a revote at least i could pray that a majority would vote the way i think they should and do lots of conversationing and stuff (I feel like a cad for not having been very active in all the Tangent stuff leading up to tonight.) but i really don't want anyone to have to go through the process of proposing the language change and getting that to a campuswide vote and everything all over again. Dude, if the issue is that people weren't properly able to vote or whatever, then wouldn't the solution be to let them revote? I am confused. So yeah, please let Senate tonight affirm last year's vote. *prays* And no, i will not be at Senate tonight. Am fagged out (apparently i feel British tonight).</a>