April 2nd, 2004

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Some people are upset because of the law on the Massachusetts books that says that Massachusetts will not marry you if your marriage would not be legit in your home state. This is a hold-over from the days when interracial marriage was contentious. I understand the gut reaction against this, but i think it’s a sensible law actually, because one of the big fears around same-sex marriage opponents is that stuff like the Massachusetts decision will force them to legally recognize same-sex marriage. During the debates over interracial marriage, the courts ruled that the Full Faith and Credit Clause does not apply to marriages. If your state has a DOMA, the Massachusetts ruling will not force your state to legally recognize same-sex marriages. This Massachusetts law just pre-empts any weirdness around that. If your state doesn’t recognize your marriage, you can still have a commitment ceremony of whatever sort you want; are you so committed to having a “marriage” that you want to have one that isn’t even legally recognized in the state you reside in?
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gee, an update

Wow, i actually got about 800 words (spread out over 2 stories) written on Wednesday.

Room Draw/Mardi Gras Party combo = weird. Madeleine asked if they could still watch West Wing in the living room, and Rosa said No, so Madeleine’ll said she’d probably be skipping. Clearly i’m with Madeleine on this. Though i would probably skip a Mardi Gras party to paint my nails. Asocial - who, me? In actually went down for the food and ended up chatting with Emma for 3 hours (ie., the duration of Room Draw).

Is it bad that i can be talking with someone and think “Oh, you’re [insert LJ name here]” just because i skim the smithies friendspage or whatever? I’m not trying to stalk people; it just happens.

Totally did not write a meditation on A Sentimental Journey. Am bad girl.
Susan: “Laurence Sterne can kiss my ass. And then cry about it.”

Also, it is getting so easy to not write op-ed for The Sophian. Boo.

I feel like i haven’t accomplished anything this week and yet always end up staying up far too late. Though Friday morning i woke up 45 minutes before my alarm and had a moment of panic thinking it was Saturday (because if it were i would have missed my intended bus to Boston).

In both my morning classes on Thursday we got a Philosophy 101 with Descartes and the mind/body dichotomy. Given that i’m taking what, 3.5 literature classes, all on the same day, i should really stop being surprised when the same thing comes up in two classes on the same day.

I think everyone who’s smart in mt’s class skipped on Thursday, because definitely about half the class wasn’t there and i talked a lot because there were many dead silences. William Carlos Williams working against the tradition and so forth. I actually said intelligent things, which having read the poems the first time around i wasn’t really expecting. At one point Michael offered it up to the class which of two poems to do next and there was a long silence and Alice said one of them and then Sean said the same thing and thus it was decided. “This is pretty much how the American democratic system. 2 people decide the fate of everyone because 98% of the population doesn’t bother to vote.” This may be the first time Michael has made some sort of crack about the state of the nation where i didn’t twitch. Anyway, so we read the beginning of the poem and there was dead silence when Michael asked a question about it. I raised my hand, gestured to Alice and said, “Well, since Alice is the one who wanted to do this poem, perhaps she has some thoughts about it,” and she said “No, not yet,” but Michael told me that was a “good pedagogical move” which made me happy.

“When the re-election comes, I’ll be the first one up against the wall.” Hi, i read far too much porn. Please don’t encourage me.

We’re doing Little Red Riding Hood in my UMass class, and last Thursday they put up a series of transparencies with the same little girl with a hooded cloak and a basket, only each transparency had her garb a different color, and we all wrote responses as to what the girl would be like, what would be in the basket, and how the wolf would act towards her, and then on Tuesday the profs talked about the results. I’m clearly not PC enough because when Susan was talking about the one in purple (whom many people obviously labeled lesbian) and said dyke it made me happy. Apparently purple means dom, as well, because someone said she would have a whip in her basket. For the black garb, someone said she would have vodka in her basket :) Now i feel like i someone should make an anthology of LRRH tales with her wearing a different color in each one.

Jane Yolen came to talk to my Smith fairy tales class on Thursday, and it was definitely a good talk. She read “Snow in Summer,” an Appalachian Cinderella story, and i actually teared up at the end. She also read a poem (“Fat Is Not A Fairy Tale”) she had written for Such A Pretty Face. I keep meaning to post about Bodywise and stuff, but Carrie’s lecture reminded me that fat positive was one of the earliest causes i was into, because my library had Fat! So? and i got really into reading as many books on the subject that i could get my hands on and putting together a bibliography and synthesizing the information... and of course then i got busy with other stuff but wow, i thought i didn’t start doing that kind of research until college. Anyway, i started writing a Cinderella story (i binged on reading fairy tales from all over the world and modern adaptations of them as well during high school) where the protagonist is fat and i was thinking of finishing it for my final for Betsey’s class (which probably violates the Honor Code) and that makes me wanna do it even more, though i also feel like it would like i was doing that just because of Jane Yolen's reading. (Which begs the question of “Do i care?”)
I am thinking of a fairy tale
that is not yet written,
for a teller not yet born,
for a listener not yet conceived,
for a world not yet won,
where everything round is good:
the sun, wheels, cookies, and the princess.
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Missed sarah_p at the English Department tea. Forgot to look for her, actually, as i was engaged with Allie, Jessica, Jacqueline, Evadne, and Doug.

We’ve been talking about money in my econ class, and today we did various scenarios pretending that our currency was Baumols -- our econ textbooks. At one point he asked how many dollars he had in a particle scenario and i said, “You don’t have dollars in this economy.” “Elizabeth, we’ve talked about this. I’m the one who gets to make the smart-aleck comments here.” I forget what my smart aleck remark was on Wednesday but yeah, i definitely had one and he said he was the one who got to make the smart-aleck remarks.

Why did i sign up for the Gwen ficathon? *considers dropping out* (In other news, the HP folk on my f’list post lots and lots of recs, so i threaten to be sucked into that fandom. Why does no else post fic recs? Not like i have the time to be reading fic anyway, or that i lack stuff to choose from what with ficathon masterlists and so on. That is beside the point. The point is that no one i read posts fic recs in the fandoms i read.)

Oh, and Lileks proves he can be worth reading.

lilithchilde and i were talking about webcomics yesterday. Is it possible for there to be a political comic that doesn’t make me wanna throw things? Yes. The real question is whether there exists one that’s worth reading. I feel like a lot of times i just don’t get Day By Day. I went through the last month or so of Doonesbury and was underwhelmed. Ditto Boondocks. [edit: I'm not writing Sinfest slash because someone will point me to someone else who has already done it, right?]

Things i’ve been meaning to link to:
If Spike read Spangel fanfic... (There's also another one if you scroll down past the first few comments.)
The 18th-century novel and the rise in caffeine consumption.

*giggles* Thanks to circe_tirgana i now have Tom Jones’ “Sexbomb” as well as the DeBeers commercial song ("Palladio" by Karl Jenkins).

It would be mean to taunt you, right?

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icon meme:

Of the 27 icons i currently have, 4 are not Whedonverse. We are not surprised. I don’t have any Firefly ones, though, which is kinda sad.

4 are made by me.
7 are animated.

The character breakdown of the Whedonverse icons is as follows:

Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar): 5
Anya (Emma Caulfield): 3
Spike (James Marsters): 2
Buffy/Spike: 2
Willow (Alyson Hannigan): 2
Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg): 2
Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter): 1
Lindsey (Christian Kane): 1
Glory (Clare Kramer): 1
Giles (Anthony Stewart Head): 1
Other: 3

Gender breakdown of all 27 would be:
female: 16
male: 6
mixed: 2
neuter: 2
And i don't know the anime one.

P.S. scrollgirl: Did you see the Faith/Tara links i posted a while back?
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So, this fic is half as long as it needs to be and i don't know what else to write. It's Illyria pondering bodies and power, so it really should not be this hard. *growls*