April 6th, 2004

you think you know...

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So, all week i've been talking about how my workload (and my aggravating tiredness) is going to kill me this week/month.

So of course i didn't start talking to Emma at dinner and not leave for another 4 hours, now sleepy but insistent on getting at least a good chunk of Romance of the Forest read.

*stabs self*
hermione by oatmilk

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Wow, looking out the window while brushing my teeth the tree out front looks like it's all snowy on this side.

Checked Banner yet again and woot, have no holds on my record. Am #1 on the waitlist for Advertising and Visual Culture, so that shouldn't be a problem. And i got into Self-Defense, which was the one class i was actually worried about getting into. Steinberg's class is one of those many classes that doesn't really mean it when they say instructor's permission, though when i get the syllabus in the fall i may yet drop the class (or, more likely, audit it).

Okay, back to the Gothic novel.

Also, reminder, 8:20am tomorrow (Wednesday) as part of The River 93.9 does Poetry Month, mt's reading a poem (multiple?).

P.S. Wow, that really was "effective immediately." fox.com and tvguide.com have both been changed to reflect that fact. *pukes that The Swan is its replacement* (The only silver lining is that now i can go to Marilyn Wann at Hampshire guiltfree -- 7pm Franklin Patterson Hall 106 this Thursday.) Emma thinks people should start making this kind of stuff (Wonderfalls S1, Angel S6, Firefly S2) direct-to-DVD.