April 7th, 2004

Giles on a horse, need i say more? [muzakgurrl]

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"At twenty minutes past the hour, poet Michael Thurston will read us a poem or two."


Sorry, him being introduced as a "poet" just amuses me.

(And no, the fact that i got up at 7:30 for this does not make me a groupie. Not at all. Stop looking at me like that.)
crazy [lavellebelle]

finished reading the novel

Let’s not talk about the craziness that was part of this afternoon at SCMA. I am not stabbing myself, however, because as Layna pointed out, that would not be productive. Instead, i am focusing on my helpfulness and competence.

“Keep swimming...” (I think i need an icon that says that.)

Photocopied a Spring 2001 Market Analysis report about SCMA. One question was “OK, let’s get whimsical. If the Museum were a car, what kind of car would it be?” So i’m posing it to you all. Will post the responses from the booklet in a few days.

Poll #275481 SCMA car

If the Smith College Museum of Art were a car, what kind of car would it be?

Positive feedback on fic makes me happy. There are few pairings i feel incapable of (or at least, deeply uninterested in) writing. Apparently canon-pairings make up the bulk of this. Also, there are in fact obscure pairings i don’t wanna write.

People who are more in fandom than i am should talk to marginaliana about fiction about minor characters in HP and BtVS.

Internship places might want me after all. *insert phone interview terror here* I was actually getting psychically acclimated to the idea of having to be a retail bitch or just end up working part-time at the library and getting lots of reading and writing done. If you don’t try, you can’t fail, so the idea of just not trying was becoming terribly appealling, because then i didn’t have to worry about rejection or even effort. Wow, i am Jaye Tyler, with my expectation-free zone.

I really liked the ending of Daniel Oppenheimer’s article “Parallel Universe: The many worlds of Valley fandom” in the April 8-14, 2004 The Valley Advocate:
As I listened to Golden describe her worlds --- the real world of the game and the imagined world inside the game --- I began to understand what she finds so appealing about fandom. It’s the freedom it offers to take off the artifice we have to wrap ourselves in, like armor, when we enter the public realm.

Most of us create private worlds, made up of family and close friends, in which we can live silly and unafraid. Fandom creates new and larger spaces --- modules --- to which people can attach their private worlds.

The great dream of fandom, that there could be a self-sufficient universe of free, unafraid and unselfconscious people, is, like all utopias, unrealizable. Politics always intrudes, armor is always necessary.

At its worst, fandom encourages people to forget this, and leaves them too exposed, too domesticated to the etiquette of fandom to function well in the wild. At its best, fandom allows people to doff their plate mail for a while, salve their wounds with a magical poultice and rejuvenate.
I had forgotten how the liberal media makes me twitch. Listening to the radio for the 20 minutes before mt. Reading other stuff in The Advocate. (Wow, Alan Bisbort calls Paul Krugman “the New York Times’ heroic columnist.”)

Hmm Do i skip UMass for the 3rd time this semester for Dean Spade? (hedy told me he was coming and then said “forget i mentioned it. he’s not your kind of queer.” Because clearly, i shelter myself from everyone whose politics are different from mine. P.S. Now “White Trash Anthem” is stuck in my head.)

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