April 15th, 2004


Angel 5.17, "Underneath"

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susiebabylon, i’ll make the icon once wisteria_ has caps up, just remind me what it is you wanted it to say.

The show interrupted our discussion of what fic i won’t write, so i’ll sum up ‘cause i’m a dork. Basically, if a couple is canon i’m likely not interested in writing it. There are also various characters who just don’t interest me enough to write, and there are pairings i either don’t particularly buy or am just not particularly interested in. Stuff i won’t write ‘cause it squicks me? Not very much of that at all. And i’ll write most anything if requested (and of course if it’s prohibited i’ll wanna write it *wicked grin*).

P.S. Where is lilithchilde? What, have you been doing work or something? ;)