April 18th, 2004

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Gorgeous weather this weekend.

Saturday brunch was in the gym. Elaine and i went down together and then ate on Tyler(?) lawn before i headed off to Boston.

Holla Marathon weekend. "Is this the Red Line?" "Does this go to Park Street?" "Does this go to South Station?" I got to helpfully point a couple to where they would pick up the C at Park Street.

Found my way to Layna's house no problem. Her doorbell doesn't work, so i just hung out on the porch until she came down to check for me. (I had told her approximately when i expected to arrive.)

Party attendees consisted of the Pereira-clan-minus-one and the Slavkovsky-clan-minus-one, so while i like aliciak in her own right, i was also pleased to longer be the only person present not related to anyone.

Layna's younger brother makes mine look good, but generally it was a good night. I watched one of the 2 preliminary rounds of a Scrabble tournament and now feel capable of playing Scrabble myself (clearly i am a deprived child as i have never played Scrabble). There was much conversational fun using the words on the board, especially when Liz made a high score adding "suave" to "move."

Much catching up, both about Smith and SHS (a portly Greek Nazi who now works for the CIA? i feel like that's the stuff of novels), and it was amusing that Liz, asking about Smith, said "What are they protesting now?" and i had a ready answer.

There was consensus that a shared desire to not have large doses of small children does not constitute a good reason for me to marry Anthony. Damn, that's two people i'm prohibited from ;)

lilithchilde's hott picture, copies of which still remain on Layna's wall and mine, was also admired by Yuko (another terrific non-related person who showed up later) who wanted her own copy. You should start charging, dear :)

Oh, and it's National Library Week (and TV-Turnoff Week), hence my new temporary default icon (made by missmurchison).
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I didn't notice when i came home, but when i walked to my meeting i was struck full on with noticing that the tree on the Elm Street lawn of N-G was full of white blooms.

Walking to the bus station on Saturday it felt like the town was so alive, with all these people out on the streets in the warm weather. Walking into South Station, i was dizzy for a half a second from the sheer amount of people. It wasn't any different than South Station ever is, but i guess i've gotten unused to such congregations of people. I was fine the rest of my time in Boston, though.

A bunch of people (whom i had told about my weekend plans) have asked me this evening how my weekend/Boston/the party was, which i wasn't expecting but which made me happy.