April 19th, 2004

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“Patriots' Day! The day we drink to the health of people running 26.2 miles! Or, you know, the minutemen. Either way!” -samfeasor

This weather makes me want to own (so i can wear) lots of pretty skirts, shirts, dresses, shoes, jewelry, and makeup. Who am i and what have i done with myself?

Spending the afternoon at work apparently i missed the outdoor temperature hitting 90oF. Looks like we won’t be seeing that again anytime soon.

Sunday night Tangent gave us all paper plate awards. I got “Fearless Friend” which i feel like i totally don’t deserve, but it made me happy and now i need to find somewhere to put it up in my room.

Finished 2 fics -- past their deadlines but not horribly so. And i finished my flashfic, which isn’t due until the 28th. Go me! Admittedly it was one of those instances in which i use a story i’ve already started but still, it had about 400 words prior to the ficathon and now it’s over 1000 and i may even write an additional section. Now i can focus my brain on the two final papers i have left remaining for *school* - in theory anyway. People need to read my stuff (including my fairy tale rewrite, which is available upon request) and tell me how to make it suck less. Also, i heart sexonastick for putting up with me.

May 8 in SUNY New Paltz is the Trans-forming Feminism Conference: Exploring the Intersections Between the Transgender and Feminist Movements. I am torn between thinking a lot of the workshops sound cool and thinking i would want to stab my eyes out. Would it end up being a bust like Safe Colleges was? Also, how would one get to New Paltz from Northampton via public transit, anyway? Input appreciated.

This Sunday at 2pm i’m giving the Bodywise workshop in Comstock. People should come, or at least give me feedback on what they think such a workshop should contain.

Oh, when posting about this weekend, i forgot to mention that Anthony read us The Grouchy Ladybug. The boa constrictor has teeth! Eric Carle, i am appalled :(


Whedon movies next year? A possibility that Wonderfalls will get to air as a series after all?

Stephanie Romanov is *not* doing Cruel Intentions 3.
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I don't get to walk across the street for food but i still have to suffer through the godawful concerts? This is not fair. (The Jolt won't even tell me who co-opted Davis Ballroom tonight. Nevermind. I was foolishly thinking "Liars, I am the World Trade Center, Paper Lions" was the title of a lecture but no, it's "electroclash dance punk.")

Have broken down and closed the window but hi, i was enjoying the air.
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I didn't love Angela Carter's "The Tiger's Bride" as much when first i read it as i did tonight. (Also, ow.)

I keep forgetting how long ago high school was, how much i've changed since the last time i did something if it was in high school that i did it.