April 21st, 2004

dance of joy [kibarika]

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Hot damn. 5 minute Jacobsen appointment and the lady (Marian) was actually helpful. "I enjoyed your story, read it in record time, and have very few changes to suggest." I have been whining about how the Jacobsen people are trained in working with analytic writing but not creative writing, but honestly, my analytical essay got far less work put into it than the story itself, so it works out nicely. Marian had lots of sensible stuff to say about improving my essay, as well as a few good suggestions for the story itself.
crazy [lavellebelle]

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"You have been signed in to AIM.com, but the Instant Messenger service is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

Grr. Regular AIM disconnected and AIM Express won't work either.

*hugs Laurel* Sorry to abandon you, babe.

edit @ 11:27 -- Um, okay, AIM has allowed me on now. *throws up hands at the inexplicableness of electronics*