April 24th, 2004

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I feel like i’ve barely done any work these past few days. I’ve been sleeping reasonable amounts, though, and i finished taking notes on Mansfield Park so i can now write the paper. And mt gave the class an extension on his paper -- woot!

The Fandom Escapist Election 2004 - Badges

Plot Bunnies! They seem to all be out of stock, but i heart the idea. Also, grammar bears (which are in stock, probably ‘cause they’re not nearly as cool).

Life imitates art imitating life.

Aw, i heart this story. "But now you're you." ("Yup, i'm me." *g*)

Love that on LJuserinfo now, your friends are now broken down in users, communities, and syndicated feeds.

Who's super excited about knowing menus in advance? Me for one. About damn time they gave us this.


ALL COLLEGE HOUSES CLOSE SATURDAY, MAY 8 AT 12 noon, this includes Tenney House, Hopkins House and Friedman Apartments. All students must vacate their rooms except for 5-College exam takers, seniors, and students with prior approval from the Alumnae Association and the Office of Residence Life or students signed up for summer housing. All others with special permission to stay on campus until May 9 at noon must move to their consolidated room assignments at that time.

The houses at Smith College close on Saturday, May 8 to prepare for the welcoming of the alumnae and friends who will be on campus to celebrate reunions and attend a variety of Alumnae Association activities.


Moving Out

Rooms will be cleaned starting on Monday, May 10. The College reserves the right to have the contents of any room packed and stored, at the student’s expense, if that room has not been vacated by 6:00 p.m. Saturday, May 8 (unless you have special permission). If you fail to vacate your room by this time, you could face a late housing fee and/or appropriate action.

All 5-College course takers must have notified the Office of Residence Life in writing by March 5 as to their exam date(s). If you have a 5-College exam you are expected to move out by 12 noon the day after your last exam or by the date and time sent to you by the Office of Residence Life. This policy is in place so that the Alumnae Association may clean the room and offer it to a returning alumna.
So i DON'T have to move into consolidated housing? Life keeps getting better and better.

The Praxis app makes me whine, though. (All this for only 2K? Yes it’s a hell of a lot of money to *me* but if i were actually had to live on my own for an internship, this would pay for housing OR food/transportation, but not both.) And i'm anxious to hear about scheduling and feel like a bitch -- aided by the fact that 3 days later i still haven’t heard back from the woman -- having to say "Smith requires that I get from you a letter confirming my employment and also describing what my duties will be and how I will be supervised. Please assist. Thank you."

Helen (a senior philosophy major who seems really cool) came into class on Thursday wearing a tiara, said she was having a princess day. “I have a lot of those.” So mt wore the tiara for a couple minutes. Did no one have a camera? Further talk included feather boas. “Is there something you’re not telling us?” “At this point i don’t think there’s anything i’m not telling you.”

“I wasn’t about to give it up for two drinks.”

Doug talked about how in Jane Austen’s novels practically the first thing we learn about characters is how much money they make, because at the time it wasn’t so much about your title but about whether you lived up to the title, i.e. had a large income, which would mean you managed your money well. Doug talked about how nowadays we don’t ask about people’s incomes, but we are comfortable asking and answering questions about how much rent we pay. I was thinking, and honestly i’m more comfortable talking about income than about rent.

Poll #283804 talking about money

Which do you feel more comfortable discussing?

my (family’s) income
how much our rent/mortgage payments are
ew, neither - talking about money is something i just don’t do
i have no problem talking about either one

Peer editing was for the most part better than i had expected.

Was glad i got to the English Department Honors Theses Presentations (yay random UMass cancellation) and also hung out with Evadne (and Allie) for quite a while beforehand. Bryn’s was on the depictions of bodies in 17th-century poetry. “I got the idea taking Harold Skulsky’s class and went back and read all the major poets. And then I looked for more poets and found 50 and read their complete works.” Um yeah. Harold Skulsky mentioned Quine and i remembered that from Language Acquisition and “undetached ladyparts” was totally the best phrase of the afternoon. Afterwards i asked Bryn about male-male love poetry in the 17th century and she said she focused on heterosexual poetry to get a baseline, which is understandable. Bill Oram answered my question at length, though, which made me happy. Shakespeare (which i knew and was thinking of and was one reason for my question) and some other guy whose name i don’t remember, but that’s okay.

Finally filled out the English major questionnaire. There’s a certain irony that i’m arguing for 200/201 to be required even though i haven’t actually taken it. (I think i would be a better English major if i had taken it and am obtaining syllabi so i can fill in the gaps in my education on my own, because i’m a dork like that. I suspect i wouldn’t have particularly enjoyed taking said survey course, so i don’t regret not having done so, but still. )
The event formerly known as The English Department Picnic will be:

Monday, May 3rd
Smith College Field House

Dim Sum by The Great Wall
Music by The Distractions
Soft Drinks by Stop and Shop
Psyched for The Distractions, of course, but i want a real picnic. So Gorra doesn’t like said type of function. It’s not like he’s required to come. Betsey never came. *pouts*

Senior Banquet was fun, per usual, with the drunkenness and the stories about sex and all that. (I’m almost tempted to say that a lot of students have more sex and alcohol in these 4 years than i will in my entire life.) Highlights from prophecying: HP-Liz goes to Australia and becomes the next Slayer; Susan lighting up when part of her Prophecy included the phrase “breaking the Curse” (all us Bostonians knew what was coming, of course).

Would be fun to come back for the Senior Banquets for the 3 years after i graduate (i.e. when i’ll know each year’s seniors). Weird to think that’ll be me/us next year. Thinking about Willing, i don’t have too much stuff i don’t want (i tend to give that shit away to thrift stores and such) and i really don’t give away stuff i like just for the sake of giving it away. This got me thinking about the discussion about class differences that Evadne and i were having, about how i don’t have lots of stuff just for the hell of it and why that is and what that says about the income restraints i grew up with. A lot of my relative disinterest in accumulating material goods is due to my parents’ attitude i’m sure, but the fact remains that i can’t afford to purchase lots and lots of stuff even if i wanted to.


dorrie6 wrote Fudge/Umbridge *giggles* and Willow/Hermione and i heart the cheesy wand reference.

Wait, i’m reading HP fic? What happened? Damn all these people on my f’list reccing stuff. For Whedonverse i have to actually seek stuff out (not that i don’t have scads bookmarked, of course) but all this HP keeps just popping up on my f’list even when i have fic communities filtered out (in my delusional world, i don’t procrastinate, yeah).

This is me not signing up for the fandom roots challenge and the hometown challenge (though the idea of inserting fic characters into Smith or whatever is a very intriguing idea i plan to keep in the back of my head).

iolanthe_rosa wrote flower!porn *dies*
hermione by oatmilk

Putting the more serious stuff in a separate post.

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Because i’m a contrary brat, i think i may well grow up and be one of those people who fights for the unpopular causes. Well, not so much “unpopular” as that all depends on who you’re around, but rather stuff that no one really thinks about, that’s important doesn’t get media play in any circles.

Speaking of things that do get play in various circles, though, Dear Oliver Stone: Can i sue you for brain damage incurred by repeatedly banging my head against my desk in disbelief while reading an interview of you?)

My father needs to get an LJ so he can post all the stuff he e-mails me because i am so very behind in reading/processing the stuff he sends :)
But luckily, republican, conservative, liberal, or democrat, it doesn’t matter, we all have something in common. Because however much liberals can hate conservatives for ruining our country and being idiots... conservatives can hate liberals for the same thing! And in that mutual dislike we find common ground. Everyone at Smith has met someone else who they think is a complete idiot for their beliefs and absolutely hates them. Let us build on that.
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sigrun has been making Ghost World icons (see waxlion), so this seems like a good time for me to ask a question i meant to ask a while ago:

What is so good about the comic/movie?

I read the comic and hated it, then watched the movie and didn't hate it quite so much but certainly didn't like it. I know lots of you all love either or both, though, so tell me what you think is so good.
evil hand

"I will not be afraid of women..." ha! *cough*SmithCollege*cough*


Okay, women are underrepresented in government, and their voices should be heard. But i instinctively pull away from the idea that women are somehow inherently better and that if women ran the world everything would be peaches and sunshine.

"The book will be a collection of experiences and ideas from women about change we'd like to see in our world, our families, and our personal lives--from politics, education, and the environment to fashion, sex, and health."

Can't you get contributions from just thoughtful caring people about the ideas they have about how to make the world a better place? (Oh, and do any of these actually have plans for how to make these changes happen, or is it just "I want fluffy puppies; fluffy puppies would make the world a better place"?) Doing an "if women ruled the world" anthology implies that if women were in charge, somehow all these utopian things would just happen.

So i'm torn between not wanting to contribute because i don't want to be involved in such a project, don't want to contribute in any way to its coming to fruition, and wanting to contribute so *my* voice not just the expected ones gets to be represented.

Then i read this ("List of topics we still need"). Now okay, lots of these things are things that i would love to see happen, but they are not going to happen just because women rule the world. Yes some of them are related to the subject position women occupy under patriarchal hierarchy, but rah rah rah environmentalism? Yes, let's perpetuate the myth that women are somehow in tune with the earth and naturally all about the environment and family relations and that if we ran the world all those things would be held sacred. Okay, i need to stop, and go do actual work or something.

It's your fire, it's your soul, you shouldn't have to go.
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