April 25th, 2004

i fight fire with words

"the time has come, as someone said, to talk of many things..."

"Spyware: It's like syphilis, but without the people."

Damn, Grace has been doing ResLife at Smith for 5 years. That’s intense. No one showed up to the Bodywise workshop; we were not surprised. It’s the Quad, plus, bad timing = Senior Ball last night and the march in Washington today. ‘Twas a lovely day for a walk to the Quad and back, though.

You’re all intelligent ladies (and gents, and female-bodied-persons-who-reject-the-term-lady). What would make you want to go such a workshop? What do you think would be helpful to include in such a workshop?

Speaking of the March... seeing the "Pro-faith, pro-family, pro-choice" ad on the T last weekend made me happy, even though abortion squicks me. It occurred to me recently to be seriously squicked by the name of the march: "March for Women's Lives." I understand the argument about abortion rights being about a woman’s right to control her own body, but i think a title like “march for women’s lives” should be reserved for things like mass slaughter of women not mass circumscription of one particular right of women. lilithchilde keeps talking about this march being this gigantic thing, and perhaps it will be; it’s so not on my radar screen that i can’t judge. But i can’t help thinking that as legit as slippery slope arguments may be right now, abortion is not in immediate danger of across-the-board criminalization, and wouldn’t the big deal, history making marches, be the ones that occurred when abortion was illegal?

Oh, i was pleased to see someone on the zinesters list (from whence i heard about the “if women ruled the world” anthology) pointing out the problematic essentialist assumptions and suchlike, particularly since i hadn’t been up for writing a response of my own (well not for the list anyway; clearly i wrote something on LJ -- oh and speaking of LJ, i was so glad to see that i wasn’t the only one who had problems with that kind of feminism *hugs y’all*).

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I haven’t been paying too much attention, but i hear rumors of the Red Sox sweeping (3 games?) the Yankees in Yankee Stadium.


"would anyone be offended if hungry english majors who do NOT like chinese food brought their own and held renegade picnics?" *grins*

Oh, if anyone’s interested, rhipowered took up the hometown challenge and made it multi-fandom. I’m still not participating (though i may yet get tempted into Faith-takes-Buffy-back-to-Boston-post-“Chosen”-and-they-have-lots-of-hot-sex, or something) though i am debating about signing up for 2 more Whedonverse ficathons (Female-character-centric Whedonverse ficathon and Illyria ficathon) and having mild angst about my soon due hetfic and Wishversefic.