April 27th, 2004

broccoli quote from SIKOS 2002

more reasons i love my parents

That is scary, because most people think of their kids as heterosexual," he says. "Any divergence is scary, even for the most liberal parent."

When i came out as bi to my parents, their basic reaction was "We just want you to be happy," so when i read the above i e-mailed them asking "was i scary?" and got lovely "No. And you probably want a more detailed answer, so here is one..." responses from them. As my mother put it, "It's hard to know what will bother you until you're there, but I'm thinking I really do just want you to be happy." She has said the following before, but it still makes me teary: "Other people worry about their daughters being raped, kidnapped, murdered ... I worry someone will break your heart and I won't be able to make it better." One of the stories i love hearing about my childhood is about bringing home a dead flower and giving it to my mother (who was always mending clothes and such) with all the faith of a child that she could "fix it."