April 30th, 2004

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On This Day in 1997:

ABC aired the highly anticipated one-hour "coming out" episode of the popular TFV sitcom Ellen, starring lesbian comedian Ellen DeGeneres. High-profile stars Oprah Winfrey, Laura Dern, Demi Moore, Melissa Etheridge, Billy Bob Thornton, Dwight Yoakam, k.d. lang, and Gina Gershon all showed their support by playing supporting roles.

-from my Queer Year Page-A-Day Calendar
I think it was after Tufts i was discussing Emma portrayals of gays on television or something, talking about how much has changed so recently; i remember trying to figure out how long ago Ellen came out, since that felt like the catalyst, and i was thinking about how long it took for Willow and Tara to get to kiss onscreen, thinking "Well, 'The Body' was Season 5, which would be 3 years ago..."
small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

"So, $40,000 and one year later, this is what i've learned." -Debbie

The event formerly known as The English Department Picnic will be:

Monday, May 3rd
Smith College Field House

Dim Sum by The Great Wall
Music by The Distractions
Soft Drinks by Stop and Shop
Bobbie says the food will be arriving at 4:30. (I have work, so i will be arriving around 5:15. Because clearly i am the important variable here.) Hungry English majors who do NOT like Chinese food are allowed to bring their own food and hold renegade picnics.

The Distractions may or may not be performing, as the drummer’s wife is spawning. Seems to be that season. One of my SCMA colleagues is due next week, and another is due in October. The English Department had one birth this week and one in February and has another pregnancy. "been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding"

My econ prof to our class this morning: “Whether or not you can show me that on the final exam, I think you’ve learned something.” I really wish i had learned more, because i want to have a firm grasp of these concepts, but this class definitely fell by the sideboard with all the other stuff i had going on this semester.

The Praxis faculty sign-off has two options: “I have met with this student to discuss her summer internship plans and internship learning goals” or “I have read this student’s Praxis Funding Application.” Clearly my advisor checked off the first one, though i don’t think he even knows what my internship *is* :) I also returned the books he had given me for the semester. He said i was welcome to keep them, which i hadn’t realized, but i would so not reread them, so i told him really it was okay. He looked hurt (though he didn’t *sound* hurt) so i felt bad.

Saw Skarda for a while. Would be lovely if i don’t have class during her office hours next semester and can thus hang out. Jennifer Jones, whom i had met when i was in temp housing was also there, and she’s very cool. We also met the British man Skarda’s in love with :)

I went to the Grassroots Revisited thingy.

Eva said she was horrified that people who opposed Grassroots 2 years ago were now in an uproar over the dining -- “I know people grow, but still...” Word, yo. I mean, i was definitely one of those people who abstained from participating (aside from the all-college meeting of hell -- how easy it sounded when Brenda mentioned “the 3-hour all college meeting” this afternoon; makes it sounds like a positively palatable experience) so obviously i validate the choice to not be part of the Grassroots movement (i don’t remember active resistance to it, and so was a bit surprised when Eva likened it to the trans-conflict of last month, but perhaps i wasn’t paying enough attention that semester) but i’ve definitely been saying since near the beginning, “Of all the things... you’re freaking out over, and mobilizing around, the dining? This is problematic.”

The video pretty well captures what went on that semester. A lot of people were really moved, watching it, but i wasn’t. I’m sure this is partly because of my aforementioned abstention (i.e. there is less trauma brought up for me when i recall that time) but also it hasn’t been long enough for me to really forget. There were definitely jolts in my gut watching it, but anytime someone mentions Grassroots or the events of Spring 2002 or whatever, i remember some of the horribleness. So watching the video was like, “Yeah, that’s how it was,” rather than, “Wow, i’d forgotten that’s how it was.”

Brenda Allen talked about how homophobic/racist incidents are an almost weekly occurrence at Brown. She said that if people who have been victimized can get 10 or 12 kids together to distribute pamphlets they’re doing well, and contrasted that with the six or seven hundred kids through the campus for a vigil that night here. It’s kind of interesting to think that there are universities where it’s the *administration* that instigates change, because i get so used to Smith where students are always agitating and change always comes from the students.

Went to the one-acts. Every time, they do a Christopher Durang play, which makes me happy. This time it was “For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls.” Quality. I think i would have gotten more out of the Gorey one if i were more familiar with his work. The best bits for me were the characters at the beginning. George Bernard Shaw’s “The Dark Lady of the Sonnets” was fun, and “English Made Simple” by David Ives was interesting.