May 1st, 2004


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Who seems to be deeply unmotivated to do any of her work and has thus essentially wasted most of today? Oh yeah, that'd be me. *dies*

On a semi-related topic, if you were to read a fic about Wishverse Buffy's travels from Cleveland to Sunnydale, what would you want to see in it, 'cause i'm drawing a blank, aided by the fact that i'm not allowed to include sex in the fic so there goes the easiest (for me) plot device.
hermione by oatmilk

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Who definitely forgot that because it’s reading period they feed us? Yes, despite this being my 6th semester. Pleasant surprise.

Sunset not yet faded over Cutter-Ziskind at 8:05pm. Summer’s crazy.

Was actually beginning to get pseudo-motivated to do work, but went to see “Relaxation Orgasm” anyway. “Four friends struggle to keep it together after college. Marriage, pornography, sexual deviance, and love all collide in an awkward, hilarious, and ultimately bleak take on growing up off campus.” -Icarus. Yep, that’s a pretty accurate assessment. I enjoyed it, though. Also watched my first porn. Tell me it’s not all that bad. Not that i have plans to further that aspect of my education, but since it’s such a booming business, i’d like to think it’s not all that bad.

Speaking of college theater... happymartian, wanna see “The Trojan Women” at UMass next weekend?