May 6th, 2004

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I want to write about Angel, but assignments come first. Am excited about the writing i'm doing but would really like some sleep. Friday night baby, Friday night. Anyway, this is my question:

Isn't there an Ani DiFranco line like "and i have left every place i have ever been"? Why i am wholly incapable of finding it? There's a bit in "dilate" that's like it ("i learn every room long enough to make it to the door") but i know i'm thinking of something different. The Internet seems insistent that i'm wrong, though. Help?

Edit: Thanks anonymous person! The line i was thinking of was indeed "you know i have left everywhere i have ever been. i don't really recommend it, though -- not like anyone asked me" from "god's country." (One would think i would have realized this, since the song was in my head rather recently.)
hermione by oatmilk

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Wishverse fic and accompanying badness done and posted.

Fairy tale rewrite finished and handed in. Could still use some more work I'm sure. E-mail me if you want a copy.

Now i just have to study for the econ final i'm taking tomorrow morning (and write my UMass paper, but that's next week).
From: Liz Hait, Admin. Assistant, Student Affairs

Can you pass the word that the only students needing keys on Sunday, are those who are moving out of their rooms, starting next week. Seniors don't need new keys. 5-College exam takers will need keys to their consolidated rooms if they need to stay past 5/17. Those keys will be here in Clark Hall starting on Monday, 5/17.
Nice of them to finally drop us 5-College exam takers a clue about what our housing status past this weekend is. I have permission to be on campus until noon May 19, but i do not want to move all my stuff into consolidated housing, so i say i hand in my UMass paper the morning of 5/17 and my parents arrive some time that day and bring me back to the 'Wood. How do said parentals feel about that?