May 22nd, 2004

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Whee! My computer is set up in my room, thus all is right with the world. With 3 computers in the house, Internet access is a negotiation, but not i’ll live. Oh how i love having a room of my own. Background noise is like the bane of my existence.

Am minimally unpacked. Am dreading going through all this shit and everything in the basement. Very little is coming back to school with me, but i still need to do something with all this crap i own.

Put away all my clothes. I need to go through and get rid of the stuff i never wear. Also need to buy more stuff as many of my clothes are wearing out and i’ve also been hankering for more of specific things like pretty dresses that i don’t have much of. I need to go thrifting for an Ivy Day dress anyway, though. Am also seriously in need of new shoes, which is bad timing because everyone’s selling sandals right now and i want platform Mary Janes.

Am behind on ficathons, and of course the story i’m most interested in right now is one that isn’t for any of the ficathons. Le sigh.

For anyone who’s interested, there are a whole lot of ficathons going on now. Mostly Whedonverse, though there are some multifandom. doyle_sb4 has a list by signup and a list by character. Lists include masterlists for completed ficathons, so check them out if you want some new ficathons or you just want some new reading material, or both.

Um, what else has been going on in my life recently?

Bought Playboy. Bloody expensive. (There is actually a rather astonishing amount of text in Playboy.) I’m not sure if the guy at the counter honestly didn’t hear me or if he was just disbelieving, but i had to ask twice. There were a whole bunch of middle-aged people (no one i knew) milling around the convenience store at the time, so that was kind of a trip. But i just acted like it wasn’t a big deal, didn’t look at anyone but the cashier, and happily traipsed on out. Given how freakish fandom people sometimes get about labeling their NC-17 fic and making you click buttons that confirm you are of age and all that, i was rather surprised i wasn’t carded. Anyway, i was underwhelmed. I’ve decided that nudity without context is really not particularly erotic (Who said that the least erotic thing is total nudity? I read it somewhere, the idea that there’s no mystery.), and Playboy in general is lame. But hey, pretty Charisma pics. Will type up the article at some point. ("funny thing...everyone always talks about the great interviews in Playboy, yet you can't find them on the internet." -trijinx)

Looked super-pretty that day. Red dress and black tights (and high-heeled pumps which reminded me why i never wear such shoes). Some guy Terry knows was hanging out in his office when i came in and we got to talking and he was saying i looked like the kind of kid who always had her nose in a book, never went out and partied, “study study study.” Terry was just sort of looking me up and down and said, “Doesn’t she look stunning?” “Yeah, study study study.” “That’s not what i said.” ::hearts::

Recently i’ve been finding myself frustrated when people don’t exist in the world they way i think they should (by which usually we mean: the way i would). As i was telling sk8eeyore recently, i’ve gotten so used to problematizing everything that it feels like a cop-out to come to an actual “I think this is right; i think you are wrong” - that last part particularly. I have to remind myself that the purpose of all this struggling, searching, learning, is to come to informed decisions, that i’m allowed to have set opinions (and it’s not like i don’t already have set opinions on a variety of things - conversations with Allie often lead us to a realization of differences at a core level about how we exist in the world) so long as i respect difference and am constantly engaging with other people (insisting on understanding where other people are coming from) and constantly interrogating my own beliefs so i don’t stagnate.

Much as i’m all “you have to be able to criticize what you love,” i can only barely handle jennyo raggin’ on Angel S5, much though i respect her as an intellectual, and many good points though she may have. And it’s not like i don’t agree that there are parts of Season 5 i think could have been done better. We’re just on rather different wavelengths about that. This season maps on to current affairs rather muchly, and i’m the cold-hearted end-justifies-the-means bitch (tm?), so while i can argue with people about things were executed within the show and how things worked within the logic of the show and so on and so forth, there are going to be times when i’m going to just disagree with people about certain moralities. (ros_fod talks about military strategy and the 5 seasons of Angel. Spoilers through the end, of course. I’m too tired to really process it or comment on it, just throwing it out there.)

even more talk about the Angel finale

There is already post-“Not Fade Away” fic, which doyle_sb4 is keeping in memories. Rawk.

wisteria_ did her screencap review to “We Are the Champions” and made a lovely (shareable) Goodnight icon.

stakebait asked for (and received) St. Crispin Day speech icons.

stakebait’s way of thanking Joss Whedon (She notes that "he didn't do it alone -- and in the case of ATS there's people who arguably did a lot more. But he invented the world, and that's what I'm mourning, and that's what I want to honor.") without flooding the poor man in fan mail is to make “a donation in his honor to his alma mater, Wesleyan, since he talks about it and the film studies program so fondly in interviews. Just a small one, 'cause that's all I can afford, but the best way I could come up with to say thank you to Joss for 12 pretty damned good years, with something he might actually value. Anyway the kid who gets financial aid will value it, and Joss doesn't have to store it or throw it away.”

minervacat is doing a 5 favorite Buffy/Angel-verse things meme.

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