May 31st, 2004

bitch [mys1985]

stupidity from The Left

The entire state of Vermont is one the eleven most endangered historic places in the United States? Daniel Drezner explains why four Wal-Marts is actually not a sign of the apocalypse. Aw, some of my favorite topics. Chain stories are not necessarily Teh Evol, with a side of People who think they know best (in this case, The National Trust for Historic Preservation) imposing their values on other people (in this case, the entire state of Vermont). Plus links to more discussion.

In other news: I want to take “Under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and i’d really rather not have “In God We Trust” on the money, but i really don’t think we need to change the name of Los Angeles to "The City of Very Long-lived People With Wings."

Lastly, more "suppression of dissent". Another pet theme of mine is [warning: generalizing ahead] how people on the Left want to shut up everyone who disagrees with them, but complain about "suppression of dissent" at the drop of a hat.
tell me a story [lizzieb]

What did i do with my weekend besides write LJ entries?

Wrote more fic. Am so glad to be done with my ficathons. Not that i haven’t generally enjoyed it, i’m just glad to be done with trying to fulfill other people’s requests. Though of course now i’m interested in writing continuations of some of the ficathon fics. *sighs*

Watched the rest of TNG S1, including the DVD special features.

Watched Dress to Kill again, which is still hilarious. (Oh that’s where the Queer as Folk “I have come to have sex with your family” icons come from!) I was impressed that in a show more than an hour long he didn’t have a sip of water ever -- fair sight better than most speakers i’ve seen, who can’t seem to go ten minutes without sipping some water.

I finally watched Labyrinth again (hadn’t seen it since i was, i dunno, 10?). Still like it. Have no obsessive love for it (big surprise, i know).

We went shopping on Sunday, and i actually found clothes i liked, which was a pleasant surprise. Am especially excited about nice black pants since i don’t have really nice job clothes and the black jeans i do have (i say black jeans are borderline okay for jobs, depending on the job) are getting faded which pisses me off.

My mom was at Marilyn’s Sunday night and almost her whole family is going to a UCC church in Walpole (next door to my Wood) now. The minister had a discussion group about gay/lesbian issues which my mom and i thought was terrific, and according to the minister, about 90% of the congregation doesn’t particularly care one way or another. Tell me again why we still go to United?

Chelsey is 8 now! I swear she was 4 last time i saw her, which is probably actually accurate, since i think they left United before i left for college.

Maybe sometime this summer i’ll get to see the girls. I miss seeing people every week, talking to people, hearing what they’re doing with they’re lives, watching kids grow up and turn into little people.

Monica&Jen (onto whom i was actually trying to *not* project my “of course they’re together” and who ultimately left United because well, i turned out to be right) are getting married next summer at that church. Aww.

On Monday i went to T.J.Maxx (where, big surprise i didn’t find anything i particularly wanted) and who did i bump into on my way but my best friend from high school. I have learned to be cautious about people’s grand statements of “Oh, it’s been so long, let’s be in touch and hang out sometime,” but of all the people i knew in high school she’s the one i’m most interested in keeping in touch with.