June 2nd, 2004

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BDSM in media?

A friend posted wondering about how one does abuse education/treatment in a way that is BDSM-postive.

A commenter mentioned trying to understand BDSM and mentioned the movie Secretary. Why is that what everyone mentions? I’ve never seen it so i can’t judge (though i just put a request for it in MLN so i’ll finally watch it) but i get annoyed that people keep mentioning it when BDSM gets mentioned, like it’s their one reference. I honestly don’t have a good idea of what examples of BDSM in media are. Besides fanfic i think i’ve only read Ann Rice’s (A. N. Roquelaure) Sleeping Beauty trilogy, which is hardly a great work of literature, and The Story of O, which while interesting is very much not representative of typical BDSM relationships. Is there anything of real quality out there? There must be, right?

One of the subject headings for Secretary is sadomasochism, so i clicked on that as a search. The only other movie that comes up in is The Night Porter. Fiction comes up with 8 titles. (Interestingly, none of them include Roquelaure or Sade.) There are also a few nonfiction titles. I tried Subject=BDSM, which got me "Bondage (Sexual behavior)" and very few results.

Thoughts on any of this welcomed. I think BDSM just got added to my list of summer research. Feel free to comment anonymously or e-mail me ( esweeny[at]smith[dot]edu ) if you'd rather not tell the Internet you're into BDSM :)